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X 12/24/06 
 The theme song, sung by chant.
032 12/16/06
Familie Fixe
[culinary musing]
(1) bLAMb
(2) Mint Potatoes
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07 12/11/06

POEMS from the collection Twenty-First Century:
(1) Not That Love
(2) In Cultural Exile
(3) Rude Awakenings
(4) The Fabl(e/ous)

031 12/03/06
[culinary musing]

(1) Ham Marinade
(2) Sangria Orange Chicken

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030 11/27/06
Layering Standards
[culinary musing]

(1) Frothy Lemon Bay Scallops
(2) Carrot Cake Meatloaf

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009-AC 11/19/06
Extreme Foodie on the Mend
[anecdotal cooking]
This is a versionary tale dedicated cautiously to the foodie who also happens to be a backwards ass-jack who would go through extremes just to have an exquisite dining experience. listen
25 min
06 11/04/06 POEMS from the collection Twenty-First Century:
(1) The Post-Information Age
(2) Time in Media
(3) Passing Liking
029 10/30/06
Food Activity Report
[culinary musing]

(1) Ham Marinade
(2) Pickled Fish
(3) BBQ Turkey Drumstick

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Egg Rolls and General Tso's Chicken
(Here's the Beef, Where's the Broccoli?)
[sound shopping]

Listen as Ed wanders for neighborhood American Chinese Take-out.

NOTE: there are topics for discussion.
Thank you.

24 min
05 10/15/06 POEMS from the collection Twenty-first Century:
(1) Whatever Forever What
(2) Proxy Epoch Moxie
(3) Merchantechnics
(4) Insulting Matters
028 10/08/06
From Scratch
[culinary musing]
(1) Basa Tofu Vermicelli
(2) Beef Pot Tart
(3) Ed's Baked Balsamic Chicken
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008-AC 10/01/06
Stressing Circumstanials
[anecdotal cooking]
Who was the rocket scientist that came up with the idea to carpet the floor of a fast-food restaurant??? Forget the rocket scientist. Should not we blame the social engineer who is attempting to design a more intimate space and experience? listen
04 09/22/06 POEMS from the collection Twenty-first Century:
(1) Escalating Memories
(2) Forging the Frontier
(3) Legacy Portraiture
(4) Specialized Generality
(5) Resorting to Renaissance
(6) Keeping the Company
027 09/17/06
Can Opener
[culinary musing]
(1) Asian Smothered Tuna
(2) Smothered Tilapia
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026 09/09/06
Serving Function
[culinary musing]
(1) Veggie Primavera
(2) Spinach Ravioli
(3) Ravioli Sauce
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03 09/03/06 POEMS from the collection Twenty-first Century:
(1) M is for Marketing
(2) Gallery-Aged Echo
(3) Duplex Legacy
(4) Where to Now?
(5) Tricks of the Trade
007-AC 08/20/06
For the Love of Good
[anecdotal cooking]
Am I your strangling strange or passing passion fruit? Plucky am I--a choice pick indeed! listen
02 08/13/06 POEMS from the collection Twenty-first Century:
(1) Arena Discourse
(2) Convenient Comfort
(3) Digital Assets
(4) Data Delivery
(5) Balancing Incoherence
025 08/06/06 (1) Greco-Rainbow Trout note | poem
01 08/01/06 POEMS from the collection Twenty-first Century:
(1) Read Between the Ellipses
(2) Here and Now [coming and going]
(3) Assembling Cerebricity
(4) Artful Economics
(5) Mystery and History Presently
024 07/27/06
Binge Cooking
[culinary musing]
(1) Roasted Salmon Mushroom Noodles note | poem
023 07/19/06 (1) Marmalade
(2) Eggplant Spread
(3) Pear Confit
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Food Courting: Upgrade Double Triptych
[sound shopping]

Assign the grade up from local to global. Join Ed as he courts quality foodstuffs: beef and java. The product and service signs that foreground the bustle are augmented by the background noise signifying the event.

16 min
022 06/29/06
A Menu's Referendum
[culinary musing]
(1) Calamari Salad
(2) Ed's Southwest Salmon
(3) Peach Tart
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021 06/23/06
[culinary musing]
Barbecue Sauce (1-2) note | poem
020 06/16/06 Three Wise Cheeses and Macaroni note | poem
006-AC 06/16/06 The curator, she mentored me on how to contexturize: contextualize texture lingually; a vernacular that cannot be described in words or by taste. After I decided on the three cheeses for my artisanal dish, I went home to construct. listen
019 06/08/06
Hunger Management
[culinary musing]
(1) Occidental Salad/Oriental Wrap
(2) Lamb Wrap
(3) Chicken Wrap
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018 05/31/06
Kitchen Gadgetry
[culinary musing]
(1) Lemon Zest Chicken
(2) Mushroom Tartlet
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005-AC 05/26/06
Shaking Hands with a Chef
[anecdotal cooking]
In the living room, me, sitting in full view, on the morning day of Christmas, my sweetheart gave to me, a gift certificate. A gift certificate? A gift certificate to shake hands with a chef. listen
017 05/19/06
Generational Eating
[culinary musing]
(1) Fried Chicken
(2) Ken's Hot & Cold Kale
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016 05/12/06
Visceral Victuals
[culinary musing]
(1) String Bean Ding
(2) Yam Pie
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Reading Determination
[sound shopping]

Speed slowly with Ed and Eddie over elapsed time. In this seemingly hurried-waiting scenario, what direction will this excursion take?

BTW--who is in control? The answer may leave you babbling in the end!

29 min
(71 min unedited
015 04/30/06
Feeding Remuneration
[culinary musing]
(1) Beef Stroganoff
(2) Clam Chowder
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004-AC 04/25/06
Found Sandwich
[anecdotal cooking]
Tuna Melon Sandwich listen
No Frills
[sound shopping]

Shop industrial with Ed as he bulks-up on freshly ground coffee. How many cups of joe does a three-pound bag of roast make? How many demitasse of espresso?

Muse in this controlled environment, free from marketing pressures!

19 min
014 04/14/06
Cooking for/at Home
[culinary musing]
(1) Ground Turkey Goulash
(2) Ed's Tasty Catfish
(3) Ed's Pork Chops
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002-SoSh 04/10/06
Touching Techniques
[sound shopping]
Venture along with Ed as he prices and shops for cheese and produce. Can you guess what Ed gets caught touching?
15 min
003-AC 04/06/06
All the Rage
[anecdotal cooking]
Meat and Potatoes Salad listen
013 04/01/06
Gravy or Sauce
[culinary musing]
(1) Ed's Spaghetti Sauce
(2) Eddie's Pasta Sauce
(3) Alfredo
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001-SoSh 03/26/06
Topsy-Turvy Luck
[sound shopping]
A soundscape of the topsy-turvy adventure featuring Ed and Eddie (father and son) as they hunt at a local supermarket. What will luck bring them?
30 min
012 03/23/06
Cooking Technique
[culinary musing]
(1) Gazpacho
(2) Springivera Pasta Salad
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002-AC 03/18/06
Birthday Beans
[anecdotal cooking]
Split Pea Spread
Yellow Split Pea Mush & Soup  
011 03/12/06
[culinary musing]
(1) Baked Polenta with Pepper Stew
(2) Ed's Super Ginger Chicken
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001-AC 03/08/06
Now We're Cooking
[anecdotal cooking]
Sesame Seed Cod Croutons 
010 03/03/06
Conceptual Meals
[culinary musing]
(1) Fontina Frittata
(2) Ed's Cordeon Bleau
(3) Strawberry Tart
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009 02/22/06
Hunting for Groceries
[culinary musing]
(1) Broiled Truffle Asparagus
(2) Veal Pot Pie
(3) Super-Baked Chicken
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008 02/17/06
Home Economics
[culinary musing]
(1) Cassoulet Ed
(2) Ed's Gumbo
(3) Ed's Chum
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007 02/10/06
Caste Iron
[culinary musing]
(1) Ed's Cast-Iron Pizza
(2) Ed's Beef-n-Beer Stew
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006 02/03/06
Cooking Utensils
[culinary musing]
(1) Smothered Light
(2) Apple Tofu Stirfry
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005 01/24/06
[culinary musing]
(1) Ed's Chicken Stuff
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004 01/18/06
Prep Appraisal Hands-On
[culinary musing]
(1) Chimmi Changa
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003 01/05/06
(1) Meatballs
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002 01/05/06
[culinary musing]
(1) Ed's Stuffed Pepper
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001 01/03/06
Taste Matters
[culinary musing]
(1) Fig Chicken
(2) Tuna Pot Pie

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