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Twenty-First Century 002: August 13, 2006 [listen]

Arena Discourse

An accusation paragon,
A framing of inconsistencies--
Opinion and suspicion--
Detailing reputation.

Memory mesmerizing phenomenon:
Selective and dismissive
Fragments sentencing context.

A fleeting series of alternatives
To stipulate a master narrative
To champion a unified voice.

Data Delivery

Going through the motions
While sifting through the
Piles of assimilated preferences,
Competitive intelligence awaits.

Looking backwards
Across compatibilities
Forward thinking
In preparation.

Pining for distance
To calculate the fray:
Hubbed packets dropped
During transfer.

Distributing protocol,
Intellectual properties--
Cryptic communications,
Visions shared as files.

Convenient Comfort

So simple
Is the tangible concept
Through which constructing
Reality is viable--
A common expectation.

So willed
Is a vicarious vehicle
For which producing
Verity is mystical--
A privileged anticipation.

So what
Is convenient--
Comfort contrived to a complacency
In denying the means
For complexity.

Digital Assets

Software responsible for
Operations system-wide
Task application
Process structure updating
Proprietary information sourced
Encoded data delimited
Tabling ownership for management
However the chaos
Underlying the order
Has no punctuation

Balancing Incoherence

A spirited shadow
Walks down the streets
Agitating the atmosphere,
Which is already incomplete,

Instigating superstitions--
Capital smoke and mirrors:
Intangibles behind the scenes;
Invisible intimacies that
Clutter the brain,
Scramble the mind.

Discombobulation is imbued
Along the line through
Story, news networked,
Thought images--artful noise
Distributing scientific stuff.

An aesthetic blur
Runs interference
By clearing the throat,
Offing the mark that
Tracks back steps
Quickly taken forward--
Balancing incoherence.

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