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11/08/11 Breakfast Blend Ed attempts to make up for lost weight by having several meals within a single morning.
08/03/11 PARKING UNDERSTANDING: Elapsed Time Sensitivity Reminisced in Parallel Expiration We listen to Ed and Eddie "out on the town": not so hot archival footage (memory lane) of the two interacting. LEVEL 1: an afternoon romp--gaming for waterice. LEVEL 2: busy supermarket--ice[cream/pop] purchase [forthcoming/transpired]
08/15/10 The Lite Imaging of Pithy Epiphanies Water falls, then evaporates, clouding the 'lustration of photo synthesis. A trial surveys, then abates, appraising tribulations of stress.
01/23/10 SILENT TALKIE: Six Degrees of Urban Planning (A Surveillance)

In this footage, Ed searches and wanders--tries to find and figure out what he wants for breakfast. He is loose and on the prowl. The location, a central business district.

Ed is confounded by the telecommuters' existence: stepping their way through the plaza to their office. Hoping to stumble upon sustenance, he hobbles, attempting to unscramble his inner voice.

Ed labors for this meal, gimping explicitly, as if he were fulfilling a gratuitous obligation. Be forewarned of this concept because Ed knows that he will not be able to tap-dance his way out of this one.

While the cat meows, the cougar roars.

05/18/09 Recuperation Ed looks out his window while the birds encourage him to rest.
02/18/08 ART MATTERS: Father/Son
(Right Back Atcha!)
Eavesdrop on parts of a day full of art sessions involving challenge and creation, collaboration and criticism.
11/29/07 Scrooge's Christmas Harvest As the doors close/shut out/in contemplation, Scrooge harvests qualities and values, searches for spirit and soul, taking into stock only the affection of the holiday season.
08/20/07 Father/Son and Holy Whoa! Join Ed and Eddie down the shore as they dine with family at a boardwalk restaurant. Experience this documentary (an abridged verbatim narrative) as father and son banter their real concerns and whoas.
07/25/07 Ribbing Off Ed clops about town through Old Country and New Attitude neighborhoods searching for sounds and beef rib platters, which include [taking] two sides [with options] and cornbread. Measure up the slow [food] movement expedited patiently--a testimonial worth testifying--weighting pound for pound.
07/19/07 Dressing Kielbasa Ed muddles through his meal options contemplatively.
01/01/07 Thy Daily Grind Begin the the New Year with Ed as he starts the morning resolute by working the system to produce a modern class of coffee.
12 min
Egg Rolls and General Tso's Chicken
(Here's the Beef, Where's the Broccoli?)

Listen as Ed wanders for neighborhood American Chinese Take-out.

NOTE: there are topics for discussion.
Thank you.

24 min

Food Courting:
Upgrade Double Triptych

Assign the grade up from local to global. Join Ed as he courts quality foodstuffs: beef and java.

NOTE: the product and service signs that foreground the bustle are augmented by the background noise signifying the event.

16 min
Reading Determination

Speed slowly with Ed and Eddie over elapsed time. In this seemingly hurried-waiting scenario, what direction will this excursion take?

BTW--who is in control? The answer may leave you babbling in the end!

29 min
(71 min unedited)
No Frills

Shop industrial with Ed as he bulks-up on freshly ground coffee. How many cups of joe does a three-pound bag of roast make? How many demitasse of espresso?

Muse in this controlled environment, free from marketing pressures!

19 min
Venture along with Ed as he prices and shops for cheese and produce. Can you guess what Ed gets caught touching?
15 min
Topsy-Turvy Luck
[sound shopping]
A soundscape of the topsy-turvy adventure featuring Ed and Eddie (father and son) as they hunt at a local supermarket. What will luck bring them?
30 min
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