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TRAVEL PORTRAIT 106: May 9, 2024
Doodem Village [video]
Feel free to exercise thought by sending me an email regarding preparation nuances. You may eat easy when you eat ingredients. (Disclaimer)
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05/09/24Doodem Villagea self-expression collective (a sampler)
02/29/24Trailing EthnoFuturismNature's nascent decay evolves fruition.
11/30/23The DescentA Landscape Existence
07/27/23Backyard ChilloutNot quite the overland getaway, but a 'scape nonetheless!
06/15/23The Gnarled IA forest happenstance; photography en plein air; viewer discretion is advised [MA]
03/09/23SankofaA still life version.
12/29/22Out of the Wilderness [part thirteen]Before putting on his suitable attire, Simpaticas limbered his hands by tuning the guitar.
12/11/22The Last of the LeavesFrom the enchanted to the uncanny, this forest displays ancient sculptural and tribal fetishes along a twisted path.
11/17/22Light & DuskAt a lull, the afternoon day,...
08/25/22Preseason Leaf Fall[a]biotic abstractions
07/07/22Duck, Duck, GeeseDoes the search for a dining partner run afoul?
06/09/22Out of the Wilderness [part twelve]During the month prior to the concert, Simpaticas was busy promoting.
04/28/22Give Us SpaceThrough various transmission and reception techniques, some visual elements expand our conceptual horizons.
02/02/22Out of the Wilderness [part eleven]Frank lifted his coat that was tucked in the folded theater seat cushions (back and bottom). He sat down wondering what made him leave the garment during intermission.
12/09/21Out of the Wilderness [part ten]Frank, realizing that Celia was a short distance from the concession stand, wished he listened to the usher who tried unwittingly to point him in the correct direction.
12/02/21Out of the Wilderness [part nine]The balcony audience descended the staircases that led to the lobby. Frank proceeded down the final flight while trying to scan the area for Brian and Celia.
10/14/21A Documentarian's ViewThe stacks and spire are higher than the Founder's hat.
05/20/21Hunt & PeckA robin red breast, a catbird, a group of starlings and a sparrow fend for their next meal.
04/22/21Beware of the Tides on the MarshNatural history repeats itself.
04/04/21Dedicated Functional ContentmentIn town, visiting a college; a tired rhyme, looking for knowledge.
02/24/21Lost and Foundin Memory of
11/26/20Urban FoliageTake a walk, leisurely--before the Season ends.
10/22/20Grey Matter What is the true color and composition of neural activity and the mental landscape--the depiction of memory, the vivid recall of experience?
10/07/20GroundedWitness the ancient and mythic antics of contemporary hubris in the natural world.
08/13/20The Log GardenAlong a narrow sidewalk of unassuming rowhomes, a unique vision slowed the pace of time...
03/26/20Day LighteningAbsorb the scenery from a refreshing Spring breeze.
02/17/20Mind Your Own Damn Business A short corridor of a makeshift dining room contains two columns of tables with a couple chairs per.
01/13/20This Is Not A KnifeUtensil utility--when is a knife not a knife?
12/12/19Facades: Random Modern DetailsBuilding lines and angles--a geometric color scheme.
10/11/19Fall of the HallowsA spooky end of the World?! Not!!!
06/19/19Puff, Puff, Poof CloudsThe skeptic pines for a critical pragmatism, contemporary concerns of the century previous.
04/16/19A Plot on the LandscapeA floral sensuousness will eventually be on full display, welcoming the selfie paparazzi for a closeup.
02/27/19Reserve Scene(s) [In Reverse]Take a brief walk through a wildlife refuge and nature reserve.
11/11/18A Clear-Cut SculptureTime frozen in motion--from a photograph, paint a picture, compose a backstory.
08/16/18Cavern CairnUncanny scenery fathomed within the scultpural earth.
07/02/18Archaeological SemblanceProper sunlight, angular beams flood the horizontal strata and expose a sculpture, reveal a reclining figure, a vestige enshrined.
04/12/18Temporal StateTake a moment to enjoy some slow-art.
02/25/18Out of the Wilderness [part eight]Frank, watching the scene play out, wondered what was said that would cause their private conversation to become a disciplinary and rebellious confrontation.
12/17/17Flash and ShadowStationed in the waiting room among the furniture stands an artificial artifact.
12/03/17Out of the Wilderness [part seven]A whoosh of air flowed down the hallway carrying the scent of his musk cologne. Brian waited for his masculinity to be detected before he entered the living room.
11/19/17Trolling AbstractionSuch a challenge are stripes if not incorporated into a flag or used as an imaginary path to indicate a crosswalk.
10/31/17Autumn Dimming BrightnessA picnic umbrella, withdrawn, stands off-center, vividly gaudy and useless.
09/16/17Out of the Wilderness [part six]There was a gunshot. Alerted, Frank awakened alarmed. He fluttered his eyelids, then rubbed them with his right hand.
09/09/17Concrete PoemThis graffiti epigram quips on the keen aphorism: a conversational commentary with an editorial afterword.
06/25/17Out of the Wilderness [part five]Frank stepped through the doorway of Brian's apartment. On his immediate right was the bathroom where his host ran immediately because of the need to 'empty the bladder'.
04/30/17Out of the Wilderness [part four]Frank was seated in a small booth facing the entrance. His arms rested on the table. Sooner than later, Brian walked into the diner.
04/09/17A Near-Sighted Long ViewA window of modulor human height, boxed in a deeply chiseled bevel, looks upon the museum piazza.
03/12/17Out of the Wilderness [part three]Frank figured he would go to Brian's apartment building to see if his prospective mentor was at home.
02/05/17Out of the Wilderness [part two]Towards the end of the month, Frank phoned Brian at his place of business to find out what is the best weekend for a visit in the next.
01/08/17Out of the Wilderness [part one]They met at a gallery reception for the opening of a group show. The theme was straightforward: Young Artist-Curators with Potential.
10/26/16Subterranean DreamingPortrait of the artist's brain flushing toxins during sleep.
06/16/16TimberDon't miss the trees for the woods.
02/01/16Untitled Rock FormationsTectonic mysteries abound along the Forbidden Drive.
12/03/15Bricks & MortarA Metaphorical Retronym
09/22/15Repeater Variety ShowEnjoy a rare look back at a hodgepodge of ingredients from previous culinary musings.
06/25/15Landscape FlowThe landscape flows through time.
06/16/15Paths, Alleyways and Side StreetsAn actual imagined metaphorical journey
An alien prehistoric adventure.
02/03/15Building Nature: immaterial detailsUncanny sightings while driving through the neighborhood.
07/06/14Nature CallsThe plan, encapture via enrapture the salamander; flatter to shame with superabundant fascination.
04/14/14Swiping WindowsYou don't have to let your fingers do the scrolling.
03/29/14Moody Monday - Having [No] FunHaving a bad Monday? Have a taste of some schadenfreude.
03/08/14Red Light Clichés: Stop Thinking!!!Take a moment to stop thinking.
10/14/13not that FUNNIESEd says that it's okay if you have to groan.
04/30/13trUnkEd takes a walk along the Schuylkill River (Kelly Drive) to check out the trunks.
04/07/13la monarchie de fleursIronically, Ed sees a garden full of hegemonic paradox in natural beauty.
03/23/13Details and ConstructsEd ponders some elements of urban architecture.
03/11/13The Pilgrimage:Capacity - Act 4He attends the ceremony at St. Peter's Square.
03/11/13The Pilgrimage:Capacity - Act 3He visits the Colosseum.
03/11/13The Pilgrimage:Capacity - Act 2He visits Pompeii.
03/11/13The Pilgrimage:Capacity - Act 1The first day.
03/11/13The Pilgrimage:CapacityHe (Ed) travels to Rome for the canonization of Katherine Drexel.
02/21/13The Pilgrimage: Rittenhouse SquareHe (Ed) drove from West Philadelphia to Rittenhouse Square to take pictures reminiscent of early twentieth century photography, pictures taken of buildings and parks in New York and Paris.
01/13/13The Pilgrimage: ResuscitationHe (Ed) get's an earful...of encouragement.
01/13/13The Pilgrimage: The Conference BubbleRevisiting his past, he (Ed) recalls his desire to attend a international conference.
10/31/11On Being Patient #13
Recuperation: the Recovery of a Keen Being
Perniciousness aside, when I was admitted to the hospital, as I had before, I was asked if I had any religious beliefs that would become a factor regarding my medical treatment options. I claimed that I did not have any doctrine-based concerns.

On Being Patient #12
Successful Dilemmaa: A Cut-Out of Alacrity

I did not fuss over the taste matter for fear that the issue might rouse a pedigreed reaction as opposed to a symptomatic classification. If either fear (or both) were provocative, I did not want to delay. I wanted to move bravely onward to solid food as quickly as possible without a hint of this incident.
10/31/11On Being Patient #11
Clearance Level
For the past two weeks, my concern, the obsession for the latter part of August, has been the consuming of enough dietary fiber--a discomforting, but welcomed distraction from thinking about the upcoming surgery to remove the glands that are producing high levels of cortisol in my body.
07/23/11Redeeming Qualities: Sources of Frustration After several days of dining on culinary musing repeaters (and Maw drinking her power protein powder fruit smoothies), we set aside an evening to partake of Continental To-Go from the Orient (aka Chinese Takeout) for dinner.
07/07/11Acclimation: Try Try AgainAs I progressed towards my second pituitary tumor resection, my physicians had some concerns about the amount of stress that could be potentially placed upon my heart, while under anesthesia during the surgery. A stress test was ordered.
08/15/10The Lite Imaging of Pithy EpiphaniesWater falls, then evaporates, clouding the 'lustration of photo synthesis. A trial surveys, then abates, appraising tribulations of stress.
04/07/10The Gab Hagglefest: Speed-Coaxing, Pressure-PointingIn this two-part travel portrait, Ed and Eddie, father and son match wits as they banter for their own benefit--each working an angle for the consumer good.
part 1 | part 2
07/29/09On Being Patient #8
Precise Obfuscation: A Cafeteria Commentary
Ed concludes that he is healing--the economy???
06/21/09On Being Patient #7: I Love Medley Nostalgic, scatterbrain daddy (Ed) variates audiably about bread, downloading, information and love.
06/13/09On Being Patient #6: A Philosopher's Progress Ed takes pause detailing abstract limitations, composes a theory, and applies the theory to his psyche.
05/25/09On Being Patient #5: Operation Staycation During his time of crisis, Ed tries to remain playful.
05/18/09On Being Patient #4: RecuperationEd looks out his bedroom window while the birds encourage him to rest.
05/13/09On Being Patient #3: Reversion Triggers Ed extends his art appreciation penchant to sleuth his predicament.
05/10/09On Being Patient #2: Strike or SpikeMultitasking Ed juggles his work, vacation and sick time--on schedule?
05/02/09On Being Patient #1: Introduction This portrait is a grand round, a gross clinic in the removal of a tumor that is causing, within me, Cushing's Syndrome. This portrait is about a pituitary case requiring Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Surgery
09/01/08Sandy Watiff Off-Season: Part 7 I asked myself, "How might these images reside within me as an aesthetic lore, as a magic from which I can gain a belief in being engaged with Art daily, while living a li[f]e?"
08/25/08Sandy Watiff Off-Season: Part 6
Having a hand in this infliction by smearing myself with the flagrant solar salve, I remain haunted by the experience recalled--with birds tweeting in my head.
08/10/08Sandy Watiff Off-Season: Part 5The Overseer had zoned my attitude, thus conceptualizing the aesthetic lore for which I sought secretly.
07/27/08Sandy Watiff Off-Season: Part 4We ran our errands, completed the itinerary and were back at the cottage within a few hours. Eddie was anxious to get out of the car. He wanted his easel, drawing paper and tackle box full of his art supplies.
07/13/08Sandy Watiff Off-Season: Part 3The lobsterman read through the downloaded directions, then scanned the rental documentation, then skipped over the tourist information.
06/27/08Sandy Watiff Off-Season: Part 2I drove over to the intersection leading to the expressway. I checked to see if my downloaded directions to Maine were still tucked away in the overhead visor, then I reset the odometer.
06/16/08Sandy Watiff Off-Season: Part 1
I wanted the artist's itinerary (aesthetic-lore).
01/17/08Manifest Destiny [c. 1970]A mean business, these Art Matters. All this blackness over (a) b(B)eauty.

The Velvet Shadow

Controlled Substance Culturelisten
05/11/07 Ed contemplates the meaning of belonging.listen
05/10/07 Ed tries not to smile while eating lunch.listen
Ed knows where he's going, and he isn't going to tell!
04/25/07 Gallery hopping or not, Ed finds what for he is looking.listen
04/19/07 Ed is able to contemplate his day. He begins to realize that his breakfast chats are becoming more pointed and direct. What is going on here?listen
04/12/07 Ed takes a stroll around downtown Santa Fe. He is drawn to the Cathedral.listen
04/08/07 Ed finally gets to visit the Georgia O'Keeffe museum. He realizes that the "magic" of the artist is not gone. Ed discovers that (t)his "reality" is an ever-shifting perception.listen
03/31/07 Forgetful and neglectful, Ed will not let his vacation be hindered!listen
03/29/07 A cottage with a view... listen
03/26/07 With all the scenery, Ed manages to arrive at the B&B enthusiastic.listen
03/22/07 Ed is off on his way on vacation to... This is his correspondence of his adventures eating some of the surrounding areas' ingredients.listen

Feel free to exercise thought by sending me an email regarding preparation nuances. You may eat easy when you eat ingredients. (Disclaimer)

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