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Mr. Potty Mouth
The words tweeted here are subconscious epigrams, nonsense disguised as aphorisms.
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revisited 03/08/16 Mr. Potty Mouth The Artist's Gaze  mp4 video
327-337 09/19/14 Mr. Potty Mouth ON BEING SELF-: an abridged encyclopedic dictionary from the previous century has approx 175 prefaces listed, 900 unabridged; Selfie Top 10? listen
323-326 08/20/14 Mr. Potty Mouth DISRUPTIVE PREOCCUPATIONS: attentiveness to civic change, the capital that sustains creativity; nostalgia, the innovator of charismatic hope  listen
318-322 07/24/14 Mr. Potty Mouth POETRY VANE: overhead, the clouds cause the mind to machinate, set feint convictions for sleight appeasement from under the weather doldrums  listen
314-317 06/11/14 Mr. Potty Mouth ART THAT ISN'T ART is art as art when art wasn't art--such is art, art that is horribly, wonderfully critiqued by those recorded as touched. listen
308-313 05/01/14 Mr. Potty Mouth AS READ BY: interpretation from a set way of life & lifestyle perspectives, from an authenticity extrapolated/proposed via indigenous values listen
303-307 04/03/14 Mr. Potty Mouth SALIENT DYNAMISM: inimical response to weather deemed anomic; personalization of natural, atmospheric elements that affect senses adversely. listen
299-302 03/05/14 Mr. Potty Mouth RECEPTIVE DISENCHANTMENT: the mire following a caveat; implications conducive to maul viable/feasible proposals; of a contrarian pragmatist. listen
296-298 02/05/14 Mr. Potty Mouth GRUMPINESS ON THE SLY: insight to the cynic who accentuates the positive, whose affiliates follow the sarcasm, posturing "Oh, how brilliant" listen
289-295 12/29/13 Mr. Potty Mouth RENOWN CALIBRE: estimated by notable captivation and manufacture of distinct delivery; versions time kept, resistant to meticulous challenge listen
283-288 11/29/13 Mr. Potty Mouth CURATORIAL INHERENCE: the empathy sustained during a critique of a selfie morphology using as a contextual measure idiomatic superfluousness listen
278-282 11/01/13 Mr. Potty Mouth THE QUERY saved words in a search phrase that provided a link to an extant memory in a legible format in a condition to document the thought listen
273-277 09/13/13 Mr. Potty Mouth FINALLY, if appropriation of texts and equations is a fraction of aggregate tomes of existential facts, algorithmic tautology is the ecology listen
268-272 09/11/13 Mr. Potty Mouth LINGER INANIMATED, focused, enamored, lost in imagination--few ever lift a index finger, evoked by the laurel, instigated,full-on excitement listen
262-267 09/08/13 Mr. Potty Mouth MEANINGFUL are the keen experiences that are also motifs as astounding as karma evoking a mentality that actualizes a kinsfolk enlightenment listen
256-261 09/06/13 Mr. Potty Mouth WORD GAME: what goes awry is an idea only made to warp the mind, to make some feel like a fool in life, yet also wise--a turn to pass, fate. listen
252-255 08/12/13 Mr. Potty Mouth A DREAM might be sabotaged if announced; kept secret, once exposed, manipulative in scope; the recurrence, deciphered as a vexing poignancy. listen
246-251 07/31/13 Mr. Potty Mouth INTUITIVE SEMBLANCE: an assembly of figments from pointed opinions extended from facts which are not correctly envisioned in the mind's eye. listen
240-245 06/30/13 Mr. Potty Mouth TRUCULENT SUCCULENT: the days were long, difficult to a degree--otherwise simple; shortly after, everyone had to leave town--our time, over. listen
235-239 06/03/13 Mr. Potty Mouth THE CLEVER: one cannot expect past incantations to espouse the future, yet the future must be reconciled w/ the lambasting past w/o derision listen
229-234 05/07/13 Mr. Potty Mouth INDIFFERENT INSPECTION indicates indurate internal involvement; instances of inattentive indubitableness, including inevitably a indeed yes! listen
224-228 03/01/13 Mr. Potty Mouth QUOTIDIAN MYSTIQUE: elemental aspects of symbolic importance in authenticating a narrative--dreams that hone fulfillment not interpretation. listen
219-223 01/01/13 Mr. Potty Mouth CONTEMPLATIVE DELUSION: the manipulation of legitimacy to formulate an obligation; abdicating investment thus the ability to negotiate onus. listen
215-218 12/02/12 Mr. Potty Mouth HIVE-MINDEDNESS is not the belief that one is morally/intellectually superior, just one's agnostic busy bee mentality for bettering society. listen
210-214 11/05/12 Mr. Potty Mouth JOURNAL ENTRY: note thyself well to later acquire the wisdom of age; note to self, forget about it, you'll only feel very guilty in the end. listen
203-209 09/30/12 Mr. Potty Mouth HEARD THAT BEFORE: if there is no pleasing someone, stop the onerous attempts--perhaps that one will be some what happier with the "defeat." listen
198-202 09/03/12 Mr. Potty Mouth ART NOTES from a lecture: narrate interpret critique illuminate performative speech answer calls question response verbalize w/o lips moving listen
193-197 08/01/12 Mr. Potty Mouth TELESMA EXPANSE: as the change withers that which is alluded are the works based on transformations reproduced into intellectual properties. listen
189-192 07/02/12 Mr. Potty Mouth PASSERS BY PASSAGE--wondering wanderingly aiming aimlessly a disparate de l'esprit, an abject object held beholden to a figurative figurine. listen
184-188 06/07/12 Mr. Potty Mouth REFERENCE BOOKS are most appreciated when digital search results provide only bits of information, not attuned logic in the form of answers. listen
178-183 05/02/12 Mr. Potty Mouth THE BEST KEPT secrets are those not advertised as such. How damning is the sharing and preserving of the heart-felt obvious without mention! listen
173-177 04/01/12 Mr. Potty Mouth STATURESQUE: from hunched shoulders to standing upright--having less to do with intelligence, more so with a posture to reach for the stars. listen
170-172 03/04/12 Mr. Potty Mouth A TREE BRANCHES out to shelter the trunk going hollow, presenting an upright log--leaves draping low, shadily laying over a shadowy past... listen
164-169 02/05/12 Mr. Potty Mouth INKLING: the aptitude to jot down an idea with no intent or desire to ponder or any inclination to elaborate upon the gist of the tiny note. listen
156-163 12/31/11 Mr. Potty Mouth WHEN EVERY DAY IS XMAS (A Grump's [de]Tales): the riddance of manifold carbonic imprint; how this Miserable loves company--fight depression! listen
152-155 11/27/11 Mr. Potty Mouth VOLATILE GAS BLOAT: polemical (dis)trust of gut reactions when the stomach is upset by the nervous intellect, fuming forces upon temperance.  listen 
148-151 10/09/11 Mr. Potty Mouth .MEANS the dispersion the conveyance of policy with beginning--'sayer' JUSTIFIES 'sooth'--theory in law of permission the consent the ENDS.  listen 
141-147 09/06/11 Mr. Potty Mouth [place] .COMPENSATION RECUPERATIVE: due pay gotten for memories and/or hunches if actual(ized) in theory: CONTEMPLATIVE COMPUTATION. [space]  listen 
134-140 08/09/11 Mr. Potty Mouth SUPERSTITION: an acerbity that is a proximal preference to a peripheral vehemence, disposing a trivial phobia towards vegetable nourishment.  listen 
128-133 07/10/11 Mr. Potty Mouth When suffering from EMPHASIS, keep in mind the essence of the thoughtfulness, check closely the passionate rationale--stay alert w/o doubt.  listen 
121-127 06/01/11 Mr. Potty Mouth DECISION FOSTERING is the planting of a (logic) tree, then being the "logger" who nurtures and protects the sapling, envisioning the forest.  listen 
112-120 05/04/11 Mr. Potty Mouth LIKELIHOOD: what the neighbor(s) think and feel will happen/go when two magnate minds (with preferential propositions) attract one another.  listen 
107 - 111 04/01/11 Mr. Potty Mouth A FLOURISH is most beneficial when the pollen brings forth a refreshing brood, especially when the offshoot sprouts an ecstatic problematic.  listen 
100 - 106 03/01/11 Mr. Potty Mouth THE VILLAGER surmises virtue by one's complexion and candor as set in activities communally bound to an acumen augmented by victual reality. listen
89 - 99 02/02/11 Mr. Potty Mouth THE CULTURAL CONSULTANT SAYS: "The point of discovery determines the breakthrough of a technological platform & the destiny of retrospect." listen
83 - 88 01/03/11 Mr. Potty Mouth IS A [B]LOG--a perturbance in time (a bump jarring notation) or a fated consequence (a blip indicating inclination)--a precursor to lumber? listen
73 - 82 11/26/10 Mr. Potty Mouth THANKSGIVING RELAXATION is not the taking of yet another pill--just the momentary comfort N knowing that a 2nd bowel movmnt isn't necessary. listen
67 - 72 10/30/10 Mr. Potty Mouth Unlike the SHOCK of the new, a BLAST from the past does not prompt a nostalgia trip, just a pleasant reminder of the FUN(?!) not remembered. listen
62 - 66 10/09/10 Mr. Potty Mouth A KITCHEN CONUNDRUM: from collecting cuisine parts to scraping the soiled dishes--a start that never finishes, a finish that never starts. listen
55 - 61 09/02/10 Mr. Potty Mouth "What's in store" is not a request for a list of available commercial sale items--just a question one asks after being sold: RAMIFICATIONS. listen
50 -54 08/01/10 Mr. Potty Mouth PLAGIARIZING LIFE: cookie-cutting; role modeling; copycatting; history patterning; consensus building; demo marketing; gastronomy grouping. listen
45 - 49 07/01/10 Mr. Potty Mouth HOME is not a sweetener--just a heart(less) (pipe) dream with(out) gatekeeping or picket fence. A HOUSE is any shelter from homely fancies. listen
39 - 44 06/06/10 Mr. Potty Mouth DISTINCTION is not a type of aroma therapy—just one of many methods for appraising moral and aesthetic benefits. listen
31 - 38 05/02/10 Mr. Potty Mouth ON BEING A HOBBY ARTIST: creating out of Nature (happenstance necessitated by inexplicable forces) w/a deeper degree of interest, > a PhD. listen
22 - 30 04/02/10 Mr. Potty Mouth COMPUTATION is not a sophisticated scheme for obtaining freebies, just an algorithm for trending figures as well as contextualizing memes. listen
01 - 21 04/01/10 Mr. Potty Mouth LOVE & HATE: one hundred-forty characters in(put/to) the box: personalities; assembled/collected figures; (A/a)rt [un](fathom/forget)[able]. listen
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