TRAVEL PORTRAIT 43: October 14, 2013
not that FUNNIES [watch | download]

Salads, Pasta, CalzonesRead the Sign

No. We don't have sushi.

Wall MenuI Think We Got Him

I do believe we have found the hideout of the suspect who slipped the anonymous note through the mail slot. I can tell by matching the disparate font faces to those on the note. How do I know for certain? Well Chief Inspector, the writing is on the wall.

BreakfastBut the Sign Says

Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 11:30 in the morning. The time is now 12:45, exactly. Beep.

No ClueNo Clue

Found the bottle. Now, where's the message. Ugh. How I do loathe scavenger hunts!

But I'm the...But I'm the...

Aw, c'mon. I can't believe this! After all the progress we have made. I've got the money!!

That's true, honey, but you didn't walk the line.

Yes, well thank you, darlin'. Thank you very much!!!

Nothing GoodIt's Not the Seating

Quit your complaining. I had to make this reservation months in advance. Why? Because this restaurant has gotten rave reviews--five stars! All the food critics agree that nothing is good here!

SPF 40SPF 40

You see kids. This is a perfect example showing the reasons why sunscreen is important.

Uh, dad. Aren't we supposed to be getting costumes?

Having a Long DayHaving a Long Day

I see where to order. I see where to pick-up... WHERE DO I PAY?!?!

A Pear-Shaped PartyA Pear-Shaped Party*

Hmm. The message said to meet everyone at these coordinates at 1600 hours precisely, eh, 4 o'clock sharp. [*Surprise!]

Oyster CrackersOyster Crackers

Oh yeah.... That stuff is better than rock candy!

Keep moving dad.

I Don't Care What Other People SayI Don't Care What Other People Say

Look. This was good and hearty, but I'm going to have to be honest with you--this lacks soul.

What are you saying?

I want a divorce.

Darlin', what we had was tender....

Happy HalloweenHappy Halloween

Umm, daddy? Timmy and I, we like our costumes, but we can't see anything.

Plus, it's dark and scary under here. [gasp] I can't breathe....

Totally DedicatedTotally Dedicated

Yes ma'am. You read that correctly. The chef did pick the sunflower seeds for this evening's menu. We are proud of our mission and take pride in using ingredients taken directly from the farm and, without waste, serving them to our table of clients.

Feel free to exercise thought by sending me an email regarding preparation nuances. You may eat easy when you eat ingredients. (Disclaimer)
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