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Travel Portrait 10: A Convenient Lunch
March 17, 2007

A Convenient Lunch
Saturday, March 17, 2007, 12:59:08 PM

With much consternation, I drove south to return to the reststop/convenience store and Indian restaurant. I went for the sole purpose to get photographs as proof that I wasn't kidding.

Highway Sign to Convenience

When I entered the convenience store, I immediately went to the restaurant buffet. The plan was to take a picture of the lunch.

The Too Convenient Store

The buffet consisted of curry chicken, tandori chicken, kofta, mixed vegetables, rice, and paneer.

As I surveyed the buffet, I peripherally noticed some items on the shelves I passed.

"Wait a minute," I said to myself.

I turned around and went to the cashier who had previously given me directions to Santa Fe. This time I asked him for a basket. I was ready to shop.

What I came across was not only a convenience store, not only a Indian restaurant, but also a bazaar of Indian ingredients.

Not missing this opportunity of unfettered access and convenience, I was able to peruse the authentics on the shelf as if I was shopping for the perfect snack. This was too casual!

I found spices and products that I can't wait to try to cook and taste. I spent a half-hour or so in glee before eating lunch in delight.

Convenient Ingredients

Once the basket was full, I turned to the buffet, filling the tin to the top, smushing the cardboard lid down so I could seal the platter.

"What no naan," asked the cashier suppressing his Hispanic accent.

I huffed and went back to complete the buffet meal, then finalized the credit card-sized purchase.

I got into the rental and drove over to a roadside flea market where the competitively priced selection consisted primarily of firewood and slabs of adobe quarry.

A Convenient Lunch

I ate, ate, ate ingredients, that tasted really really, really really good!


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