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Travel Portrait 07: Los Alamos and Fuller Lodge
March 16, 2007

Los Alamos and Fuller Lodge

I'm at a fast coffee shop in residential Los Alamos--an intense departure from rural Abiquiú.

I just ate lunch at a regional chain sandwich shop.

After lunch, but before coffee, I wanted to visit the Fuller Lodge.

Fuller Lodge - John Gaw Meem

I was unable to explore the building because a wedding reception was about to begin in a few hours, and the caterers were in full swing last minute mode.

Fuller Lodge - John Gaw Meem

Fuller Lodge - John Gaw Meem

With pleasant weather and no immediate desire to drive anywhere, I sat with my coffee at a café table just outside the shop. I listened to the accelerated talking buzz while gathering my thoughts about the day thus far.

For breakfast I had a cheddar cheese omelet and a manaeesh: a Mediterranean-styled "pizza." My host accidentally let the manaeesh burn around the edges because we were engaged in a conversation about grocery shopping, which is one of the activities she enjoys doing when she travels abroad.

Turns out my host and I have both been to Helsinki, Finland, and St. Petersburg, Russia. She twenty+ my senior, provided much perspective on my experience. She visited the two regions during the détente of the Cold War; I during the crest of Yeltzin's economic reform. We both had been to (different parts of) the Hermitage; however, she hadn't seen the "Russian Ark."

A New Yorker from Hell's Kitchen, she had traveled throughout Northern Africa and Europe (East and West). She spoke about how she socialized during her visits. I shared with her about my experience social-drinking in Graz, Austria.

Speaking of sociability, we discussed taxis and what that meant (not just who was driving the car, but also the make of the car), and we discussed what standing in line meant. We discussed grocery selection in Morocco, in New York, in Syria, in Rome, in Leningrad, in Philadelphia, and elsewhere.

We got to talking.

We touched on our reasons for traveling to Europe, but we grabbed onto our feelings about American living: she being she, me being me.

The morning was moving forward quickly, and was starting to get away from us. She asked me where was I going today.

"Los Alamos."

"While on your way (to and from), be sure to stop off in Santa Clara, take the Tsankawi Trail, and visit the Bandelier National Monument proper."

She showed me on a map and sent me on my way.


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