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Travel Portrait 11: Moving on/Vacation Over
March 18, 2007

Moving On/Vacation Over

My days in Abiquiú and the surrounding area have saturated my consciousness. I have been soaked with scenery. The landscape has become a typical backdrop. There is so much aesthetic that I have become culturally eccentric--an enchantment that has compelled me to spontaneously pullover to the side of the highway just to indigenate with some horses and cows. (See the video footage for yourself!) This eccentricity has not only made the locals take notice, but the cows were getting pretty weirded-out as well. The only exception were the horses. With the human company that I did keep, at the bed and breakfast, my water-drought shower funk was as welcoming as a Franklin-fish fragrance, which made me wonder, have I wandered too much for Georgia--in the middle of nowhere?

In my search, as a tourist, I was permitted to interlope naïvely; however, the reality was that I was an explorer on a mission to learn the lay of the land in the hopes of finding the Apparition. I did find what belongs, but what I found had not exalted me to the heavens, nor propelled me to the abyss. Apparently, what I found and learned was that I had become a rank-and-file citizen: clay of the land.

"Are you planning on coming back, Edward," asked my host as she handed me my receipt for the stay.

I did not want to commit myself, so I did not say exactly. If I were to return, I would not be a tourist or an explorer. For I was briefed by my host's husband earlier in the week as to the clothes that I was supposed to wear, and the vehicle I was supposed to drive, as well as what trails I was supposed to stick to ensure citizenship. There was no mention of my attitude.

I suppose that I became an Abiquiúan sometime during my visit, but I don't know when. As I roamed about, I took in the sights, sounds and smells of home while in the daylight, and crafted home while in the dark of the night--consciousness as aesthetic, real as real.

I realized that I was becoming afflicted by my surroundings, by this homesickness: for I had found a new way for me to see the light just by dark happenstance. Fortunately, I was able to document these happenings.

I had found my belongings here. I tourist. I explorer. I wanderer? I wonder.

Why should one return when the visit is worth remembering? What remains here are Georgia's trappings, a wonderful escape.

I thought to myself, "Better git while the getting's good, 'cause I got no longer no business beez-being here!"

I packed-up my belongings, leaving home for home, eating drive-thru along the way.

Vacation over.




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