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Travel Portrait 09: Magic/Abstract Realism
March 17, 2007

Magic/Abstract Realism
Saturday, March 17, 2007, 9:07:32 AM

For breakfast, I and the new arrivals from Manhattan had spinach with pine nuts that was covered with a well-cooked, over-easy egg. Accompanying the dish was a fresh piece of cornbread.

Our host introduced us as we engaged ourselves in conversation with "Where from," and "Why are you here?"

As fate directs, Georgia O'Keeffe was the inspiration. The Manhattanites were visiting the ranch where she had done some of her important paintings; I, to see her work at the museum.

The husband and wife team talked about their experience walking along the trails where Georgia had treaded. I shared my Magic/Abstract Realism revelation in interpreting her work. This time I interjected how Georgia's Abstract Realist paintings were completed around the same time the Magic Realist Movement started to take hold in the States. I also paralleled the Abstract Realist theme explained in the brief documentary, presently on view at the museum, were similar to the Magic Realist themes described in the Andrew Wyeth retrospective--and the fact that there is presently a strong push of magic (romantic) realism at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts as well as at the James A. Michener Art Museum.

I topped-off my abstract/magic theory by referring back to the documentary where Georgia stated that she had "ideas" that she wanted to "explore," and that being in New Mexico allowed her to "explore those ideas:" modern painting techniques imbued with cattle skulls and Kachina doll motifs as exhibited in the museum. I then drew the connection between what Georgia was doing (did) was what Jamie Wyeth did (is doing [?]) when he was painting at the Factory with Andy Warhol [Magic Realism meets Pop Art thing]. (Jamie's meld was part of an exhibit recently on view at the Brandywine River Museum).

The astute Manhattanites' eyebrows rose.

Our host quickly changed the subject by sharing with us the two projects she was working on: 1) to assist Muslim women in the Middle East with loans who are in need, and 2) support for victimized Congolese women.

Our host interjected the dynamic of the husbands of the victimized women and how their "embarrassment" impacted the problem. I, sensing a morning morass, apologetically qualified my comment before stating that the movie the Outlaw Josey Wales was based in this same topic: however the focus was on his good Christian rage and revenge.

We paused for a moment.

We chatted some more about Georgia and her home while we finished our breakfast.

"Where are you going today, Edward?"

"I'm going south, then north. I've got some materials to pick-up before I leave."

"We're headin' back to the Ranch," declared the Manhattanites.


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