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Travel Portrait 05: Toasting O'Keeffe,
Quiching Lorraine
March 15, 2007

Toasting O'Keeffe
Thursday, March 15, 2007, 12:17 PM

For breakfast, I had two French toast sandwiches.

Between the potato bread slices was a thin coating of cream cheese whipped with raspberry juice. Atop the egg-cinnamon toasted sandwich was a snow-mountain-sprinkling of powdered sugar, and puréed raspberries.

The French toast waded in a pool of maple syrup.

My hosts and I chatted about my adventures from yesterday. We also discussed the Abiquiú real estate market as well as the high profile celebrities who inhabit the area….

Now I'm off to view some Georgia O'Keeffe paintings.


Quiching Lorraine
Thursday, March 15, 2007, 7:20 PM

I'm sitting in a French pastry shop eating Quiche Lorraine and drinking a café au lait. The nutmeg accents the bacon and creamy-egged cheese settled upon a crust that goes unnoticed once placed in the mouth. The au lait differentiates without disturbing the quiche's savour.

I thought I was lost, so I took the next exit and drove to a rest area. I topped off the gas tank before walking into the Indian (from India) restaurant and convenience store. The restaurant adjoined the convenience store. I made use of the facilities before I hunted-down a tortilla turkey wrap made with leaves of romaine lettuce, tomato pieces, black bean droplets, jack cheese and some kind of mayo-spread. The wrap was wrapped in cellophane revealing the freshness of the ready-made not exhibited by the sticker-priced sandwiches adjacently placed.

I was pointed in the correct direction towards Santa Fe by the cashier who defended me in Spanish to his coworker. Just a few miles away from Georgia O'Keeffe.

Georgia O'Keefe Museum sign

I viewed her artwork, watched the short documentary, and walked away with abstract realism. What is significant is that there is a big push of magic realism in the Philadelphia region.

O'Keeffe uses modern art tropes and painting techniques (as curated in this exhibit) to bring alive the spirit of the Abiquiú she inhabited. There were some of her flowers as well as some New York paintings, but the flowers strayed away from abstraction and the New York buildings shadowed over abstraction.

What came close to my sense of magic realism was O'Keeffe's Kachina series. The mythical references of the Kachinas' literariness contrasts with the connotations of the floating steer skulls' surreality--both perhaps discovered during a sunstroked haze while out on the White Plains.

The time is 5:17pm and the French pastry shop closes at five. The employees are wiping down the tables and dry-mopping the floor.

The local Hispanic radio station is playing while the tourists around me are wondering why the downtown is closing up shop so early this Thursday afternoon.

I pay the check that was placed/sitting on the table a half hour ago by my apologetic waitress (20%).

Thus the magic of real time abstraction concludes the business day.

I think I need to find some prints on paper and murals to stare at for a while.


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