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On Being Patient
1. Introduction
2. Strike or Spike
3. Reversion Triggers
4. Recuperation
5. Operation Staycation
6. A Philosopher's Progress
7. I Love Medley (Scatterbrain Daddy)
8. Precise Obfuscation: A Cafeteria Commentary

Travel Portrait 20
On Being Patient #1: Introduction
May 2, 2009


This travel portrait should not be construed as an advertisement or as an admonishment. This portrait is a rare opportunity for which I have been waiting: to journalize an aesthetic voyage through time recently before and suddenly after a physiological "life-altering" event, an event that has and will affect my mindset and mental functionality--not to mention my density, bone that is. This portrait is a grand round, a gross clinic in the removal of a tumor that is causing, within me, Cushing's Syndrome. This portrait is about a pituitary case requiring Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Surgery.

When considering the surgery, I wonder how deranged my future arrangement will be. Will I be fit for fancy or locked into lunacy? Will my arrangement be happy-go-lyrical or pessimistically prosaic--or both (as usual)? As such conceits may deceive my rendering of reality, my physician asked that this case be documented from a clinician's point-of-view. I consented to have this perspective in version drafted so to counterbalance my psychosomatic/hormonal makeup.

In the portrayal of this travel exhibited as time again, I am reminded that to find countenance in this gallery, I must be patient.

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