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Twenty-First Century 004: September 22, 2006 [listen]

Escalating Memories

Encroaching civilities
Oscillating responsibilities:
Humanities contrapuntal;
Memories embraceable
Bridging rapport;
Paying conciliatory
Compliance to aggrandize descendents.

Forging the Frontier

A pedestrian's landscape
Lament tinkering
A position to create
Blood drawing lines

A demographic survey
Comment keeping
A posture to follow
Body setting boundaries

A district association
Statement configuring
A stance to lead
Head claiming dreams

Legacy Portraiture

Knowing what and when,
The synchronization of
Bundled ephemeral events--

A timing dupe
Logging tyranny as beauty,
As art formed for commission,
As aspiration appointed to the tale:

Trappings for separate,
But equal valuation.

Specialized Generality

Verbatim in hiding,
Spoken in tongues (in cheek).

Mixed media messages,
Currency as advertised.

As is as if made true
By cyclopedic experience.

A treasury of aggregated specialties,
The compass directing the generality.

Resorting to Renaissance

Cascading etiquette--
Stress syndromes historically
Honored, dysfunctional
Functions mechanized
As best practices:
Pageantry for balls,
Masked happenings, perpetuating
Glamorous glitches--
Humane imperfection.

Keeping the Company

Passionate affiliations
Holding court--
A reception appetizing
Worthy causes imperiled
By ill affects brought
About by intellect:

A quality of life thought
Detrimental to the environmental
Connections with the
Instrumental community,
The instituted Being,
Keeping the company.

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