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CULINARY MUSING 007: February 9, 2006 [listen]

Caste Iron

I have seen the stone ovens of Pompeii--and I have baked a pizza on a cooking stone. While there are restaurants and pizzerias that flaunt their brick ovens, for the home, the only monumental oven one can create is that of the barbecue.

My father built one--a stone, brick-and-mortar barbecue oven with a smokestack. The barbecue oven was demolished when the in-ground pool was laid. We never got around to baking a pizza.

My father was from Chicago (Gary, Indiana). He never spoke of deep-dish pizzas, but my father in-law does. He resides in a suburb of Chicago.

I have cast-iron pots and pans from my Great Grandmother (Nana)--and I have purchased some as well. (Nana's fryer makes great chicken.) I've been to flea markets in Pennsylvania where the vendors' primary surplus is cast-iron.

I do most of my cooking with cast-iron. Ed's Cast-Iron Pizza and Ed's Beef-n-Beer Stew are two of my triumphs.

Poem [listen] Foodstuff

Caste Iron

A molted pan,
Seasoned for future
Generations of meals
For family and friends,
Has but one purpose
In life: retain the warmth
From the heart to the hearth--

That which has not
Been written in stone,
Has instead
Been cast in iron
Not as a sculptural
Masterpiece, but as a
Conduit to flavorings
Revealed--successes and failures:
Morsels of memory;
Oral history as fixation.

Ed's Cast-Iron Pizza

Cured Olives (diced)
Roasted Garlic
Sauteed Spinach (balsamic vinegar and olive oil)
Roasted Red Pepper
Sliced Sweet Sausage
Ricotta, Provalone, Fontina (shaved)
Ed's Spaghetti Sauce
Crushed Red Pepper

Ed's Beef-n-Beer Stew

Top Eye Serloin (cubed)
Chimay Ale
Onion (sliced thin)
Carrot (sliced thick)
Tiny Rose Potatoes (quartered)
Bread Crumbs (plain)
Savory (fresh spice)
Sea Salt

Chimay Cheese

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