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CULINARY MUSING 017: May 19, 2006 [listen]

Generational Eating

The two foodstuff listings, Fried Chicken and Ken's Hot & Cold Kale, are inspirations from my mother's meals that she prepared for the family. I've eaten her chicken and greens, which were sometimes undercooked, other times overcooked; sometimes the food was tongue-burning, other times teeth-chattering. But for something or other, the food sated me just right in time. This is part of my ancestry that affects my ethnicity whenever and wherever I eat chicken and greens.

Over the course of time, within the family and spanning beyond, I consider the socio-economic implications of the food's natural and scientific health benefits as well as celebrate the cultural consequences of the food when partaken privately at home or publicly at a restaurant.

This environment is an account of constrianed survival: ancestral (natural and private) or ethnic (scientific and public) as indicated by what is ingested (then and now) now and then.

Poem [listen] Foodstuff

Generational Eating

The kitchen and dining room table
Depict the dearth of cornucopia.

Described is the feeding frenzy
Concerning generational
      want and abundance.

From breakfast to lunch,
      from dinner to dessert,
Including between-meal snacks
     and supplemental nourishment--
Eating is a celebration of conversational
     and contemplative corpulence:

In haste and reserve--
All in healthy proportion.


Fried Chicken

Corn Meal
Chilli Powder
Salt and Pepper
Hot or (picante) Sauce
Parsley (optional)
Chicken parts

Ken's Hot & Cold Kale

Kale (coarsely diced)
Garlic (minced)
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

Crushed Red Pepper
White Cooking Wine

Kale (cooked and cooled, diced/minced)
Rice Wine Vinegar
Dried Red Hot Pepper (poorly mortared)
Purple Onion (diced)

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