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CULINARY MUSING 023: July 19, 2006 [listen]

Bread and Butter (B&B)

I grew up eating bread and butter. From these accessible ingredients came my first venture in trying to make it taste really good. This venture was cinnamon toast: bread (spongy white), butter (semi-soft), cinnamon (ground), sugar (refined).

Cinnamon toast was great because this delectable could be eaten as breakfast (with maple syrup), or as an afternoon snack (accompanied with an ade-like drink or flavored milk). Cinnamon toast could even be eaten as a dessert just by adding a fruit cocktail, c-whipped topping. But I digress....

Bread and butter (B&B) is so versatile. For lunch, melt a few orange slices of hydrogenated oil between two bronzed B&B slices and you have the most gooey grilled cheese sandwich any steaming bowl of scarlet sodium soup would welcome for a plunge. One should note that for the best results, the sandwich should be cut diagonally in half, thus creating two perfect isosceles.

For dinner, B&B can replace any supper starch, especially when the meal consists of broiled meat and boiled veggies.

I enjoy recalling youth past to resemble time of life foodstuff listings--the honored base from which to compose various homemade spreads.

Poem [listen] Foodstuff


Encrusted dough and toothsome spread

  • on a biscuit as isolate pâté or social chutney;
  • on a cracker as puréed respect or moussed frivolity;
  • on a wafer as churned ascetic or aesthetic pudding;

Any mishmash on melba
Resembling bread and butter.


Orange (peeled, boiled, puréed, reduced)
Cinnamon Stick
Lemon Juice
Sugar (raw)

For thickening:

Olive Oil (a little)
Filtered Water
Corn Starch

Eggplant Spread

Eggplant (peeled, sliced, sautéd)
Lemon Juice
Garlic (minced)
Mint (chopped)
Tomato (diced)
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Filtered Water

Pear Confit

Pear (red, ripe, peeled, cored, diced)
Olive Oil
Mint Leaves (garnish)

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