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54 12/26/07 Appeasement Remains
[culinary musing]
(1) Turkey Paté Omelette
(2) Cream of Turkey-Shiitake Soup
(3) Potato Button Pearl Soup
53 12/14/07 Felicitous Pueblo
[culinary musing]
(1) Smothered Arepa
(2) Ed's Chorizo
POEMS from the collection Twenty-First Century:
(1) Co-Creature Criterion
52 12/05/07 Last Miniatures
[culinary musing]
(1) Yam Yam
(2) Mush, Rooms! Mush!! Mush!!!
(3) Daddy's Delight
011-SoSh 11/29/07 Scrooge's Christmas Harvest
[sound shopping]
As the doors close/shut out/in contemplation, Scrooge harvests qualities and values, searches for spirit and soul, taking into stock only the affection of the holiday season. listen
14-AC 11/20/07 Real-Time Tripe
[anecdotal cooking]
Consoling a new found friend who believes he made a foolish purchase, Ed laments that he didn't make the purchase of a lifetime. listen
15 11/13/07 21st CENTURY
Crashing the Browser
POEMS from the collection Twenty-First Century:
(1) Crashing the Browser
51 11/13/07 Readily Accessible or Not
[culinary musing]
(1) Chicken Lychee Lentil Soup
(2) Chanterelle Hen
(3) Squashy Tangled Geo-Soup
Salad Soup Mush Stew
[culinary musing]
(1) Beef Salad
(2) Ginger Pork Rib Soup
(3) Bluefish Mush
(4) Vegetable Wing Stew
TVS 10/28/07

The Velvet Shadow
[travel portrait]

Controlled Substance Culture listen
Chef Pretending
[culinary musing]
(1) Monk Medallion Stew
(2) Vidalia Chicken Soup
(3) Dill Red Snapper
(4) Bok Boo Tofu
48 10/12/07 Cooking-Up Knowledge 2
Free Associations
Not to be remiss, Ed has rummaged through his files and found his knowledge recipies (22 pages). listen
47 10/08/07 Cooking-Up Knowledge
[culinary musing]

The goal is to alleviate appetite and quell craving.
(1) Ed's Spinach Rice Chicken,
(2) Curry (Cumin) Chicken Noodles

14 09/30/07 21st CENTURY
Choice Encounters
POEMS from the collection Twenty-First Century:
(1) Choice Encounters
46 09/22/07 Challenging Times, Tough Chews
[culinary musing]
(1) Ed's Layered London Broil
(2) Limey Beef Short Ribs
(3) Spicy Chicken Dune
(4) Baked Cod Hot Chayote
(5) Indo-Jamon, Massaged
(6) Red, White & Blue Casserole
45 09/16/07 Palates Four Distinct
[culinary musing]
(1) Fig Spread
(2) Croutons
(3) Plum Potatoes
(4) Coconut Curry Pork
13-AC 09/09/07 MY BAGGAGE: Bearing a New Yorker's Crux
[anecdotal cooking]
In my attempts to embellish my literary career, I tried to become a member of a New York City Society, a part of the scene, a scene that has since past. For the City's advancement has been kicked in the rear, a Society caught off guard. listen
13 09/01/07 21st CENTURY
Traversing the Gravity of Longevity
POEMS from the collection Twenty-First Century:
(1) The Hidden Shadows
(2) Meming Memories
(3) Traversing the Gravity of Longevity
44 08/24/07 Natural Mechanics
[culinary musing]
(1) Shank Coriander Pork listen
010-SoSh 08/20/07 Father/Son and Holy Whoa!
[sound shopping]
Join Ed and Eddie down the shore as they dine with family at a boardwalk restaurant. Experience this documentary (an abridged verbatim narrative) as father and son banter their real concerns and whoas. listen
43 08/12/07 Three Fish with Mussels
[culinary musing]
(1) Bluefish Chowder
(2) Fishy Noodles
(3) Ed's Sautéed Perch,
(4) Mussel Pasta
12-AC 08/04/07 A Refrigerator Model
[anecdotal cooking]
A way (of) finding knowledge through perishable goods. listen
009-SoSh 07/25/07 Ribbing Off
[sound shopping]

Ed clops about town through Old Country and New Attitude neighborhoods searching for sounds and beef rib platters, which include [taking] two sides [with options] and cornbread. Measure up the slow [food] movement expedited patiently--a testimonial worth testifying--weighting pound for pound.

008-SoSh 07/19/07 Dressing Kielbasa
[sound shopping]
Ed muddles through his meal options contemplatively. listen
42 07/14/07 Tried and True
[culinary musing]
(1) Eggs and Bacon note and poem
41 07/06/07 Syncretic Syndrome Simplified
[culinary musing]
(1) Baked Swiss Chicken
(2) Figgy Flounder Eggplant
40 06/27/07 Round and Round
[culinary musing]
POEMS: Consequential Connections; Round and Round poem
39 06/19/07 Soupy Soup
[culinary musing]
(1) Basil Chicken and Mushroom Soup
(2) Fowl Fennel Soup
(3) Somber Chicken Soup
(4) Winter Spring April Soup
12 06/13/07 Multimanifestations 2.0
Ethics: The Way We Are
Or The Way We Were
At issue are the Ethics "of society," the (cathartic / quiescent / vicarious) literacies that lie beneath the (path / map / passage in the) celebration of a (fundamental / practical / metaphysical) culture. listen
38 06/07/07 (1) Ed's Chicken Catatori
note | poem
11 05/29/07

POEMS from the collection Twenty-First Century:
(1) An Ideological Pilgrimage
(2) Commodifying Info-spheres

37 05/23/07 (1) Baked Scallops
(2) Baked Polenta with Pepper Stew
11 05/11/07 Ed contemplates the meaning of belonging. listen
10 05/10/07
A Convenient Lunch, Part 10
[travel portrait]
Ed tries not to smile while eating lunch. listen
Ed knows where he's going, and he isn't going to tell!
08 04/25/07
Santa Clara, Part 8
[travel portrait]
Gallery hopping or not, Ed finds what for he is looking. listen
07 04/19/07 Ed is able to contemplate his day. He begins to realize that his breakfast chats are becoming more pointed and direct. What is going on here? listen
06 04/12/07 Ed takes a stroll around downtown Santa Fe. He is drawn to the Cathedral. listen
05 04/08/07 Ed finally gets to visit the Georgia O'Keeffe museum. He realizes that the "magic" of the artist is not gone. Ed discovers that (t)his "reality" is an ever-shifting perception. listen
04 03/31/07 Forgetful and neglectful, Ed will not let his vacation be hindered! listen
03 03/29/07
My Humble Adobe, Part 3
[travel portrait]
A cottage with a view... listen
02 03/26/07 With all the scenery, Ed manages to arrive at the B&B enthusiastic. listen
01 03/22/07 Ed is off on his way on vacation to... This is his correspondence of his adventures eating some of the surrounding areas' ingredients. listen
011-AC 03/13/07
Smarting Convergence
[anecdotal cooking]
I decided to get smart with my intercommunications. listen
10 03/03/07

POEMS from the collection Twenty-First Century:
(1) As Is
(2) Devastation I
(3) Devastation II
(4) Getting the Boot

036 02/19/07 (1) Crock Pot Pork Soup
(2) Chuck(ed) Stew
note | poem
035 02/12/07
[culinary musing]
(1) Sweet Roughage note | poem
09 02/03/07

POEMS from the collection Twenty-First Century:
(1) Collecting Consciousness
(2) Alerting Archives

034 01/30/07
[culinary musing]
(1) Turkey Carcass Soup note | poem
010-AC 01/21/07 Enjoy a moment with Ed as he provides some cooking instruction, and engages in a little infused marketing. listen
11 min
033 01/15/07
Fancy Cooking
[culinary musing]
(1) Asian Hen
(2) Rum Raisin Carrots
note | poem
08 01/06/07

POEMS from the collection Twenty-First Century:
(1) Collecting Capital
(2) Reveneration

007-SoSh 01/02/07
Thy Daily Grind
[sound shopping]
Begin the the New Year with Ed as he starts the morning resolute by working the system to produce a modern class of coffee.
12 min
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