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CULINARY MUSING 033: January 15, 2007 [listen]

Fancy Cooking
(In Response to Laurel's Other Hand)

What moves both left and right is the invisible hand, the other that pens the sky, that robs and burdens the mind with abstractions, meaning in parts as whole as influenced by the invisible brain constellating constantly the hemispheres with fact then fiction, fiction then fact, fictioning fiction, factioning fact--resources slighting indiscriminately night and day.

The New Public, within this sampler society, knows so no less! Even as they potter with both hands, these spelling bees (understand about what) nuttin'--N U T T I N'--nuttin'. Clearly, their brains are invisible, but what is their wrath? Yes, they spend (and can SLAM--from whoopee to woo hoo), but can they cook? One better--once spent, which creative activity will they cook up to contest their costs?

Fancy that!

Now, who's coming (home) for dinner?

Oh, and don't forget to say your grace.

Poem [listen] Foodstuff

Fancy Cooking

Cooking fancies a sentiment
To match the mood of the food:
A chaud-froid polar confection--
Temperamental butter being
Heady upon the flour;
A roux background for
A saucy assimilation,
Grave drippings thickened.

Panned is the plot:
Play as work,
Pleasure as therapy;
Values mounted upon
A sense of place
And spiritual station.

This fancy ladled over
Mashed ideas, squashes the sermon;
However, over
Caramelized issues, dulcifies the deal
Positioning the heart with a mouthful.

Asian Hen

Duck Sauce
Hoisen Sauce
Two Cornish Hens

Chunky Peanut Butter
Oyster Sauce
Rice Vinegar
Sweet Soy Sauce
Filtered Water
Heat/Mix/Pour/Reheat with Hens
Rum Raisin Carrots

Carrots (soaked in water and white vinegar)
Raisins (soaked in rum)
Saute with Honey

Feel free to exercise thought by sending me an email regarding preparation nuances. Be sure to experiment with flavor--and remember, eat your mistakes, uh, ingredients. (Disclaimer)
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