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Twenty-First Century 010: March 3, 2007 [listen]

As Is

As now happens sooner than later
As delineated fate
As inheritance succeeds
As vintage progress
As ascendancy carries-on
As usual, the righteous glory of status
Is isolated in ideology
Is documented in lifestyle
Is honored in observation
Is a show pronounced
Is a stigma descended
Is progeny 'warped, preserved.

Devastation I

Reliance designed to shift intelligence
Climate configured to alter the mind
Land-locked in objects inanimate
Bodies interacting means preserving
Tastes improvements without change

Raw materials the cost of paying for
Logged assets the vest of funds for
Vital principles the premise for play

Echelon etiquette tyranny out of time
In crisis just dilemmas distributed
Podded platforms necessities other
Dependencies reconciled disruptions
Alleviated by synchronizing the stages
Secrets of the missing displacing
The progression across antiquarian conditions

Devastation II

Combatant observations
Loaded with questions, charged with words
Aliasing simplicities with complexities,
Infixing efficacies with inferiorities.

Fingering fixations manipulating gestures,
Twiddle provoking hexing themes--
As fault, as flattery, as fun--
Supposed correctness in favor for some.

Focused preoccupation--
Stressors indicating a bluff
Facing physiognomy--
Capacious adequacy stirring action.

Empathy stoking the psyche,
Inspiration that trips ration,
The fabulous that concentrates
Magic everlasting: terrestrial territories.

Competencies thought done,
Doings to be investigated
By example evinced
By instigation sufficiently wrought

Getting the Boot

A chance to cast blame.

On-load, file corruption.
Programmatic operations cease.
System functions hang.
Splash screen frozen:
Stuck in start;
Unable to begin.

Must restore origin--
The responsible causality
Complimenting the ego.

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