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ANECDOTE 014: November 20, 2007 [listen]

Real-Time Tripe

A while back, I had a conversation with an individual who was having some trouble with his Easy As 3-2-1 computer.  He had downloaded some software application that would enable the file processing of some advanced type of contemporary media.  The trouble was that he was unable to make his computer associate the file type with the recently acquired application in order to play the media.  Turns out that his EZ 3-2-1 dated back to the Millennium, and that the computer was actually best noted for the casing.  Neither the hardware, nor the preinstalled software was indicated as being innovative.  My conversationalist proudly informed me that his computer was still running some of the preinstalled software, one of which was his web browser.

I told him that my familiarity with the Easy As series stopped at 2-1, and that he should find a like-minded user group/community to help him with his troubles.  He shared with me that he had, but the group leaders more or less shunned him for not upgrading to (at the very least) an EZ 4-3-2-1, which would meet real-time computing demands.

All I could say was, "I hear yah, man."

My other gut response was to recommend that he not try to do much in upgrading his EZ 3-2-1--and with the original hardware and preinstalled software intact, for the most part, he would be better off preserving the machine as a collectable.  I recommended that he visit the Art Museum so that he could see the EZ 2-1 on display, which was part of a product design exhibit.

My troubled friend admitted that he purchased the Easy As for the design qualities more so than the computing capabilities.  He stated, with some regret, that he was sold on the concept of the machine's computing capabilities.

I shared with him that some twenty years ago I worked at a bookstore that sold toothbrushes, toothbrushes that would not suffice in the task of removing residue and plaque.  I shared with him, that beyond that fact, I was able to move an abundance of those toothbrushes--in a bookstore no less!  I let him know that I still have regrets for selling those toothbrushes, not because of their limited ability to clean teeth, but because those toothbrushes are on display at the same museum as the EZ 2-1!   And I did not have the right mind to buy one in every color. I did not get the concept of prototype as product.

Now, the Easy As series and these toothbrushes were not known for their engineering design.  For if they were, they would be enshrined at an Institute of some sort.  Instead, these two artifacts are enshrined in an art museum for their product design, similar to the way snuff and pill boxes, salt-n-pepper shakers are.

We concluded our conversation affirming the value of product design, believing that conceptuality carries a lot of weight in our prototypical lives.

Thus, I scribe this reality fiction as I do my recipes, as I recite my recipes as if they were poetry.  Unfortunately, these recipes may never be recognized by a cooking institution, but they may be acknowledged by a Literary Academy...some day.

At present though, I can only wonder. Is there a market for and where can I sell this tripe?


Ed's Tripe Real-Time

Beef Tripe:
  -- boiled tender to melting
  -- cut into squares

Olive Oil:
  -- jalapeño infused
  -- marinate tripe squares
  -- sauté afterwards

Tomato Paste
Chili Powder
Cooking Wine (red)
White Onion (diced)
Water (filtered)


Black Beans (refried)
Cheese (cheddar, grated)
Flour Tortillas
Lime Juice (wedges)


Corn Chips
  -- minced
  -- sautéed with white wine vinegar

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