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ANECDOTE 011: March 13, 2007 [listen]

Smarting Convergence

I decided to get smart with my intercommunications. No, not by shutting up, but by purchasing a telephone that will expedite efficiencies using software applications that focalize multimedia processes; a mobile messaging appliance that interconnects offline and online system complexities into levels of networked simplicities.

For the past year I have been documenting poetic about my celebratory notions of cultural decision making--the forces of natural, scientific, socioeconomic and mythical histories--the forces upon which my selection of ingredients for my foodstuff listing depends. In my documentation, I have expressed how high|low Twentieth Century situations have shaped my conceptions, have influenced my perceptions for resolving simple|complex Twenty-First Century instantiations.

In this situation|instantiation, I have purchased a communication device that will enhance my processing capabilities in the hope that I may become a better podcaster, or at the very least a better person as I RSS feed my 80/20 rule anxiety face with a late night cereal binge.

Expediting efficiency with cultural decision making results in a intelligent de(-)sign convergence--an evolved product which ties in status dispositions dependent upon generations (in line of succession) of tried and true people power (royalties based upon agnus dei übermensch machisma), a matured product that hooks in brand emotions contingent upon a prototype (in line of progression) of new and improved feature power (loyalties based upon machina dei beta-testing). Such a convergence that will increase the standard of living while decreasing the amount of sacrifice as well as maintain a contemporary currency all-in-one immediacy.

As you may be aware, there are a whole slew of kitchen (all-in-one) appliances, devices that are intelligently designed to make the cooking experience more desirable per celebratory notion|cultural decision made (i.e. user preference). Two appliances that come to mind are the pressure cooker and the slow cooker; one is high-speed, the other, low locomotion.

I have successfully slow cooked ribs until the meat falls off the bone, taking about three hours. I've got some mustard greens slow cooking. I'll see how much time is involved. My mom has a pressure cooker. She claims her greens take fifteen minutes--and they're good, better than tender, which makes me wonder how would ribs turn out if pressure cooked.

A brilliant brainstorm, or just another installment in a long series of phooey kaplooey.

Feel free to exercise thought by sending me an email regarding preparation nuances. Be sure to experiment with flavor--and remember, eat your mistakes, uh, ingredients. (Disclaimer)
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