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CULINARY MUSING 037: May 23, 2007 [listen]
Poem [listen] Foodstuff

Mouthing Culture

Where does one go
For lip service high and low
Regarding fermentations
That curdle well
That can spoil easily?

For the Consumer,
Such culture requires
An advisory notice
Straight from the mouth
Of a Sommelier and/or a Pasteur.

The Sommelier advises:
     "After eating enzymes slow,
     The mouth is a refinery of flavor--
     A portal to the psyche
     That ponders the factor of 'Ahh.'"

The Pasteur advises,
     "After chewing bacterial chow,
     The mouth is a cavern of odor-
     A conduit to the mind
     That worries about the power of 'Umph.'"

The Sommelier notices that
Culture is about hearty decay,
Giving preference to being dirty-mouthed,
Occasionally taking a moment to
Cleanse the palette.

The Pasteur notices that
Culture is about blanding freshness,
Functioning to relieve the foul-mouth
Of microbial mementos.

What is of concern with mouthing culture
For the Consumer, Sommelier and Pasteur
Is the mealy conclusion
That is relished for posterity,
Immediately, time after time--
The pucker and the kiss.

Baked Scallops

Sea Scallops
Rosemary Sprig (fresh)
Olive Oil
White Wine (soave)

White Wine (soave)
White Pepper

Wild Rice with Crimini

Rice Wine Vinegar
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

Cheese (shaved)


The meal
     Enriches sorts, all
     In proportion to an affinity.

The musing
     Said, some sort
     Within product advice.

The medley
     Done, some sort
     In with placement advantage.

The management
     System sorts briefs
     In proviso accounts.

The mouth
     Asks all sorts
     When impropriety abates.


Baked Polenta with Pepper Stew

Sundried Tomato Juice
Curley Parsley
Sharp Provalone (grated, broiled)

Green Pepper (sauted)
Olives (black, coarsely minced)
Sundried Tomatos (coarsely minced)
Tomato Paste
Garlic (crushed)
Olive Oil

Parmeasan (grated)

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