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CULINARY MUSING 042: July 14, 2007 [listen]
Tried and True

There is something to be said about desiring the repetitive experience. In particular, the time-honored experience (such as the meal) has served as a means to build relationships, to share tradition: a state of satiety, a foundation for future generations to extol. However, (re)creating the experience, in this case the meal, requires and results in an understanding of what has been tried and the truths involved in preparation. Replete with a myriad of distractions as well as many extraneous variables, how one controls the epicure (in one's self) to achieve this tried-truth is also crucial.

From experience, I have learned the making of a tried-truth meal that most adults, living in the western hemisphere, have consumed (and may have even prepared, at some point in time, themselves). The foodstuffs itemized are readily accessible. These kitchen-place ingredients have given rise to much research and debate over the consequences derived from eating this meal.

Beyond just a mere culinary musing from which to take pause, this tried-truth is a matter of the heart, a Cardiac's Dilemma, driving a few fine diners to stop along the road of life, forked.

Trident True

     Goad findings do
     Gladiate the play
     Armoring passion:
     The poisons
     In the realm
     Of set time.

     Ignorance in the mind,
     Blissful in one's heaven--
     Naïve notes of the past.

     Desire in the heart
     For freedom on this earth--
     The pulse to be present.

     Aggression in the belly,
     Soul steaming the underworld--
     Hunger tensing the future.

Breakfast in Bed-n-Breakfast

What necessity is intimacy--
A place to get away
While staying put:
Complacent contemplation;
The amount of rest wrought by
Laborious luxury.

As colloquial chimes whistle in the wind,
Bah-bahs rooster the start of the day.
Finally awakened by a knock on the door,
The rest stopped
As a tray of continental cuisine is
Placed upon the quilted down.

From a short-tempered week,
A long 'end begins with
Breakfast in bed-n-breakfast.

Eggs and Bacon

  · sunny-side
  · over-easy
  · over-well
  · scrambled
  · omlet/quiche/frittata
  · poached
  · boiled

  · pork
  · turkey
  · smoked
  · Canadian
  · (extra) crispy
  · thin/thick sliced
  · ham/prosciutto
  · molded minced pork pieces
  · salmon/herring

  · hash browns
  · home fries
  · grits
  · oatmeal
  · (mixed) fruit

  · white/wheat/rye
  · bagel/biscuit
  · muffin/croissant

  · coffee/tea
  · milk
  · juice
     - orange
     - cranberry
     - apple
     - tomato
     - prune

  · salt/pepper
  · ketchup/hot sauce
  · butter
  · gravy
  · jelly/jam/marmalade
  · cream/half & half/two percent
  · sugar (substitute), lemon
  · cream cheese, brie

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