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Soupy Soup

My sister requested that I post the Winter Spring April Soup. This soup was created on my son's birthday. His birthday party was at a playground. The day was rainy and cold, but fun was had by all. After the party, we went home and had a warm bowl of this soup.

I've been experimenting with this soup. I've eaten the soup hot, warm, and cold. I've counterbalanced the consistency and temperature of the soup with the climate outside. I've also played with the vegetables: pureed or in fork-sized pieces.

I was concerned that the papaya would not be an available ingredient--so, I did not want to post the recipe, but in Philadelphia, I can't stop running into the fruit as I peruse the various produce markets. I asked one vendor, what is the natural season for papaya. He told me July through September.

So there is no excuse for me not to post the recipe.


Basil Chicken and Mushroom Soup

Steamed Chicken Stock
Boiled Garlic
Sea Salt (sparse)
Olive Oil
Basil Leaf (whole, fresh)
Mushrooms (button cap)
Yellow Squash (slivers medium)
White Truffle Oil
Chicken (shredded)
Arrowroot Powder

Fowl Fennel Soup

Stock (boiled yam, steamed asparagus, steamed chicken)
Fennel Bulb (chopped, sautéed)
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil
Water Filtered
Chives (dried)
Chicken (breast torn)

Somber Chicken Soup

Chicken (steam-boiled)
Basil Leaves
Garlic (slices)
Water (filtered)

Broth (strained)
Celery (chopped)
Mushrooms (button, diced)
Corn (cob wheels)
Brown Rice
Chicken Breast

Winter Spring April Soup

One of Two Steamed Chicken Broths (boiled)
Olive Oil (poured)
Corn Starch (dumped)
Carrots (sliced)
Half Large Garlic Clove (slivers)
Half Medium Yellow Onion (pyramids)
Brawny Half Plus Quarter Steamed Half Chicken (torn)
Sea Salt (shaken)
Zucchini (sliced slivers)
Papaya (diced tiny)
Two of Two Steamed Chicken Broth (added for soupy)
Arrowroot (tapped several times for thickness)

Feel free to exercise thought by sending me an email. Be sure to experiment with flavor--and remember, eat your mistakes, uh, ingredients. (Disclaimer)
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