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CULINARY MUSING 029: October 30, 2006 [listen]

Food Activity Report

Documenting ancestry in the abstract is keeping a daily (life), noting those activities that seem to be original to the mind curating the food (for thought) with nutritional seasonings that prolong freshness as the precarious (st)ages impinge upon the legacy following the fan in fantasy while rounding the flat in flattery: a spectre of sinews in full view, casing that which is beneath the skin.

Poem [listen] Foodstuff

Food Activity Report

What activity does food play
In body chemistry
That puts eating at an
Intellectual impasse
With satiety: gourmand passion
For breakfast, lunch and dinner;
For snacks?

Reportedly, such edacity is equated
As sugar metabolism is to tumor metastasis.

What with
Dietary and celebratory carbohydrates scrutinized,
The loading leads to goading, guaranteeing
A delicacy dilemma when delicately decision-making:
Controlled portions or prescribed drugs or genetic modification
As derived
Straight from the source or farm-raised or plant-manufactured.

Such inquiries regarding when to exercise
These (im)purities and (im)perfections
Still make civilization ponder
How did the Egyptians build the pyramid!

Ham Marinade

All spice
Anise Seed (ground)
Sea Salt (ground)
Cloves (ground)
Filtered Water

1 week

Pickled Fish

Purple Onion
Olive Oil
Red Wine Vinegar (Chianti)

BBQ Turkey Drumstick

MARINADE: filtered water, soy sauce, garlic, drumsticks

Grill & baste (boiled marinade*)

Bake in oven with marinade

GRAVY: boil
*marinade w/rice wine vinegar
-- button cap mushrooms
-- corn starch
-- fresh ginger grated

Flat Rice Noodle
Sesame Oil

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