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ANECDOTE 001: February 24, 2006 [listen]
Now We're Cooking

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Subj: Now We're Cooking
Date: Fri Feb 24, 2006 10:00 am

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Ed Brown here...

I wanted to email you a "thanks" for the DVD.

Eddie and I really enjoyed learning the alphabet set to the pop tunes and video.

I also wanted to say that your birthday cooking class provided me with some good reminders, such as refrigerate after dipping/dredging in batter so that the breading will "stick to" the meat.

Usually, I bread/batter on the fly when I'm making dinner after work. When frying in a skillet, most of the breading sticks, but there are crumbs that float in the oil and burn, causing the smoke detector to alarm. Then I'm skimming the burnt "floaters" out of the oil, after I've taken the battery out of the smoke detector.

Last week I made some cod that was dipped in egg, flour and sesame seed. After refrigerating for a few hours, then placed in an uncovered glass-baking dish smeared with olive oil on the bottom, the sesame-encrusted cod toasted well. If I remember correctly, the oven was set at 400; the cod baked for approximately 20 minutes.

I served the cod with brown rice, and steamed broccoli. A wedge of lemon juice accompanied the cod; however, I went a little too heavy on the sesame seed. Colleen had purchased a nice Pinot Grigio that went well with the meal. A very nice wash-down.

The cod refrigerated well. In a couple of days, I diced the cod into one inch thick, then halved crosswise, slices, and placed them on top of a salad.

The sesame crust did not crumble. With all of the other salad fixing's, the sesame did not overpower the palette, plus added a nice croutonic crunch.

Saw the thank you card of your feet, relaxing. Let me know how the vegetable grill is.




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