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CULINARY MUSING 011: March 12, 2006 [listen]


When food communicates with the tongue, the expression heightens the comprehension of words--as does the sight and smell of the victual.

Tongued thoughts and feelings are masticated stimulations, provocations from fast or slowly chewed morsels, fully mouthed textures that do not articulate--a sublimity that only engages in the taking of action, or causes one to take pause.

So, what about the eating of these foodstuffs, when nuanced preparedly, expresses and heightens the comprehension of words?

Baked Polenta with Pepper Stew--what we're talking about here is the combination of textures: grit, chunks, and crunchies.

As the polenta (corn grit) sticks to the tongue, the stew (chunks) gains traction over the tongue, which is then augmented by the (crunchy) cheese topping. When chewing this combination, an idiomatic sensation occurs, a vernacular flavor fills the mouth, making the orifice gape (hopefully only slightly).

Have a napkin handy...

The Super Ginger Chicken is another such combination that can make the tongue seethe and/or seize.

What other (non-allergenic) foodstuff substances trigger such a cogent viscerality?

Poem [listen] Foodstuff


Lingering on the buds
Grows a blossom,
A mold-dampened particles
In the mouth.

Soiled bacteria.

Mushrooming is an aroma
Infused with earth's decay
Composted into a lingering truffle,
Into a morel gaze
An invisible haze
Unlike the enticing
Scents from whence
The nosegay came.

Pasteurize the fertilized.

Halitosis falls mainly to this plain.
Do little and so grows a cavity:
A dental cave within the oral cavern
Requiring a spackling that is not as
Fulfilling as any voracious tongue in cheek.

Baked Polenta with Pepper Stew

Sundried Tomato Juice
Curley Parsley
Sharp Provalone (grated, broiled)

Green Pepper (sauted)
Olives (black, coarsely minced)
Sundried Tomatos (coarsely minced)
Tomato Paste
Garlic (crushed)
Olive Oil

Parmeasan (grated)

Ed's Super Ginger Chicken

Chicken Stock
Ginger (sliced/cooked/pressed)
Garlic (sliced/cooked/pressed)
Onion (diced)
Mushroom (sliced)

Brown Rice

Chicken Breast (thinly sliced)
Sesame oil

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