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Twenty-First Century 003: September 3, 2006 [listen]

M is for Marketing

Branded back-story
Ensconces a still
Worth filmy words--
A picture moving
Approved messages:
Documented verity
Truthful lies laid truthfully.

Passion condensed.
Reason distilled.
Palpable bits and pieces reflecting
Representations of metaphorical
Transparencies, obvious assimilies
Reckoning the living...

As advertised.

Where to Now?

Where to now--
Entranced by ambience
The Howl is fading
Into dissonance--
No turning back.

Not off track--
Capital security, vaulted
Intelligence, stock-
Piled, yet disposable,
A supposedly durable good
To triumph over evil.

Champion this--
Ever expanding solutions
In short order
Arrangements negotiated
To fit the calamity,
Keeping society in check.

Something has to
Give Nature context:
Overviewing sight at
A distance; determining
The long term
Commotion that is
Still going to live.

Gallery-Aged Echoes

The gallery exhibits
     Angels and saints:
     Visions portraying
     Voices finely;
     Collected first-hand--
     State of the Art.

The gallery displays
     Icons and models:
     Images fabricating
     Types synthetically;
     Documented second-hand--
     Alternative of the Art.

The gallery showcases
     Avatars and players:
     Installations simulating
     Scenes interactively;
     Enacted third-hand--
     Morph of the Art.

The gallery echoes
     Ages and dates:
     Days resembling
     Centuries historically;
     Stamped by hand--
     Civilization of Art.

Tricks of the Trade
(In a Variable World)

Opposing stories--
     Permeable messages
     Absorbing decisions

Layering images--
     Imprintable sketches
     Obscuring traces

Disrupting technologies--
     Interchangeable compatibility
     Obstructing adaptability

Troubleshooting incidences--
     Polemical stratagems
     Obtruding problems

Duplex Legacy

Lifestyle changes--
A cross reference,
Emulation euphemisms,
Worship connections--
Freedom systems
Extending preferences.

Handheld reminders
Environing policy obsolete,
But not broken--
Needing upgrade
To advance compatibility.

Fixed resources,
Remainders operating,
Functioning at capacity--
Not prepared for

Duplex legacy:
Pulled to the next level;
Pushed over the edge.


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