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CULINARY MUSING 026: September 9, 2006 [listen]

Serving Function

Those persons who fervently read food magazines know about pasta-making and may have taken the journey to a foreign country to see how pasta is made by machine and by hand. For those persons who have not taken the journey (usually as part of a luxurious vacation package), this experience is paralleled back home by taking a field trip to a local processing plant featuring the region's claim-to-fame food product(s).

There are people who attempt to handily craft food that is more efficiently produced by machine. To be such a person, one has to be a hobbyist--or for lack of a better word, a dilettante. To craft successfully, the hobbyist/dilettante must function as the laborer while transforming the service connotations associated with the work from a pedestrian mentality to that of an artisan/artist.

While I have taken field trips over the course of my life, I have yet to journey overseas to a ready-making plant--in particular for pasta production. I have, however, attempted to produce home-made pasta: practicing the alchemy/chemistry of combining flour with water, cranking the concoction into strands that have resulted in spaghetti cords and sometimes in linguini threads. I have rolled and cut pasta that sometimes resulted in leather-shoe durum dumplings, and sometimes in silky semolina ravioli. I have created gnocchi that has disintegrated in boiling water, and I have created gnocchi that has melted in my mouth.

So, when making pasta, functionally I am somewhere in between hobbyist and dilettante, service-wise between pedestrian and artisan/artist.

Oh, the frustrations of being middle class!!!

Poem [listen] Foodstuff

Serving Function

Simple intuition for
Staple production is...

Doodling noodles
Conceals complexities
Of what goes into
The box before coming out
And into hot water.

Ratio mechanics--
Taken for granted,
Flour/water properties:
Measuring, mixing, resting,
Rolling, cutting, storing--
Correct timing.

...Until serving, a serious function.

Veggie Primavera

Pepper (red)
Yellow Squash
Garlic (slivers)
Lemon Juice
Olives (Nicose)
Olive Oil
Mushroom (button. diced)

Pecorino Romano
Pasta #8
Crushed Red Pepper

Spinach Ravioli

Spinach (sauteed)
Pine Nuts (roasted)
Ricotta cheese
Parmesean (grated)
Olive Oil

Durum flour

Ravioli Sauce

Green Pepper
Garlic (quartered)
Basalmic Vinegar
Tomato Paste
Heavy Cream

Durum Flour
Egg Yolk
Water (filtered)

Crushed Red Pepper
Mozarella (melted)

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