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Twenty-First Century 001: August 1, 2006 [listen]

Read Between the Ellipses


What kind of world
Is this system?

A longitudinal ellipses forcing evolution:

  • Cultural - created by guidance
  • Social - imposed through exposure
  • Economical - operated by industry


What kind of human,
In this system,
Am I being?

A latitudinal ellipses intersecting evolution:

  • Hypothetical - what I would do
    • As somebody (in scenario)
    • As nobody (in theory)
  • Procedural - what I am doing
    • As participant (per event)
    • As spectator (per exhibition)
  • Actual - what I have done
    • As host (shared privately)
    • As curator (shared publicly)

A global-state
In linear rotation.
Space rounded flatly,
Modularly specific to a market
Place--the local region.

The depth of origin,
A three-pointed plot.
Yet, in time will
The fourth point
Offer close-continuance
Of dimension....

Assembling Cerebricity

E'lightened automation:
Tiered step-n-fetch commands,
Demands from a client-owner-server
Administering a DIYing breed,
A do it yourself bureaucracy.

Model users grouped, securing
A real state of being--
Profile properties,
Front to back/end-to-end--
Location, location, location.

Negotiating rights and resources
Through a language typed and coded,
Speak spoken by a host
Channeling information, a configuration
Enabling smart thinking:
Assembling cerebricity.

Artful Economics

Thinking forward on fundraising.
Mission provision: benefits and profits.

Consumer systems theory:

  • Diplomatic Relations - a haven for cultural exchange;
  • Ally Advantages - a forum for paradigmatic interaction;
  • Massive Exclusion - a market for leisurely engagement.

Life choices on communicable style--
A resource for worthy health
That disciplines capable wealth forces.

Here and Now (coming and going)

Here and now
     coming and going
The direction of destiny
     the situation of circumstance
Long-term pieces of civilization surveyed
     short-term capsule of popularity assessed
Day by day current events
     day in, day out updates
Legacy parsed, addressed share
     history fractured, mediated interest
Leadership in congruence passing through humanity
     followership in conjunction passing for human
Already affinity
     having been there, done that
Ghosts spiriting the hallow hollow
     portraits inspiring the soul.

Mystery and History Presently

Accepting immaterial
Material as envisioned

Feeding off the land
That no longer exists
In plain view.

Landing a vision
Viewed longingly
Existing by

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