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ANECDOTE 002: March 13, 2006 [listen]
Birthday Beans

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Subj: Birthday Beans
Date: Mon Mar 13, 2006 10:04 pm
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How was your and B's adventure to NYC? Mom said that you and she had tickets to see a Broadway show--as part of her extended b-day. Mom mentioned that B had the flu.

How are you feeling? I'd have to say that I am not certain that I am feeling my age, but I am starting to feel "a'ged." Being forty is going to be a blast!

BTW--how was that fondue restaurant that you went to for B's birthday? She seemed very happy that she was going.

I've never been. Colleen and I have planned to go, but we haven't fulfilled on that request, yet. Do you think that Eddie would like the atmosphere? Is there a kids fondue menu?

When we spoke on B's b-day, you mentioned that you were going to make her favorite beans dish. What, are these veggie beans, kidney beans, a beans and rice concoction???

I have a split pea spread recipe that l enjoy:

Split Pea Spread

Split pea (mash)
Shaved black truffle
Olive oil

Fairly straight forward. I use green split peas, soaked over night, then slow cooked. Good snackin' on crackers, or off of your favorite lickin' spoon.

I have a yellow split pea soup recipe as well:

Yellow Split Pea Mush & Soup

Yellow split pea
Chicken stock
Onion olive oil
Shredded carrot, celery, tomato

Keep broth
Corn nibblettes
Filtered water
Chicken stock

This soup requires a lot of attention. I have to make sure that there is plenty of liquid in the pot during the lengthy simmering; chicken stock seems to boil-off more quickly than water.

Be forewarned, if you like scouring, then burn some beans on the bottom of the pot!

The effort is -more than -less, but the result is yummy-yum-yum. In other words, have some reading materials handy when cooking this high-maintenance mush to help pass the waiting. And don't be afraid to use a timer to keep you alert!

If you dare, send along your Birthday Beans recipe. Or, please make us some when we stop by.



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