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CULINARY MUSING 006: February 3, 2006 [listen]

Cooking Utensils

I enjoy perusing a museum's (home) design/decorative art collection to look not so much as at the flatware and place settings of history past, but at the kitchen equiptment used in everyday living.

Some people believe that the kitchen is a station filled with unglamorous tasks, while others contend that a place setting is, well, exactly what is stated--a place setting of subservience: effete and well-mannered, of course.

Conceptually, if there is a difference, the difference is in attitude: servile chore as opposed to dutiful obligation, emboldened pride as opposed to restrained honor.

Back to the kitchen... I was enamoured when I went to the Smithsonian and was able to peer into the kitchen of Julia Child. Kitchens like hers aren't made any more.

Smothered Light/Apple Tofu Stirfry

Besides the eclectic foodstuff, a varied number of cooking utensils were used to prepare these meals: knife, juice trumpet, mortar and pestle, chop sticks, peeler, ceramic grater, tomato claw, measuring cup, garlic press, and flat whisk.

Excuse me if I confuse a utensil with a tool!!!

Poem [listen] Foodstuff

Cooking Utensils

Over-easy cooking
Facilitates interaction between
Surface and substance and utensil.

The primary facilitators are
The spatula, the spoon, and tongs,
Which are generic modifications
Of the fork: a miniaturized
Cubit, morphing the extended hand
With fingertips unsigned.


Smothered Light

Chicken Breast (fillet) or Scrod/Pollick
Feta or Manoúri

Onion (white, jullienne)
Garlic (crushed)
Lemon Juice
Water (filtered)

Corn (nibblets)
Tomato (plum chunks)
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Red Wine Vinegar
Dried Parsley

Veggie Noodle

Apple Tofu Stirfry

Extra Firm Tofu
Apple (Gala)
Shredded Carrot

Brown Rice
Scrambled Egg
Light Soy Sauce

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