ANECDOTE 050: October 30, 2016
A Lapsing Weekend Away [listen]

Awakened from the subterranean dream to
The realities of life that must be encumbered,
To the opportunity for a weekend sojourn, so
Did the son entreaty, he to compete in a chess
Tournament with his pals; this proved a hermetic
Retreat for the chaperon: to spend the time lapsing,
Letting the mind roam; a portable stream to provide
The soundtrack.

After breakfast, during their play somewhere
Within the hotel complex, the children were
Engaged in their deep thoughts, several moves
Into the future, struggling to take their first step,
Let alone one after another--hours before the
Game's end, and the next go round conclusion.

Lapse in the pool--float on the back of the water,
Look at the exposed interior of the pitched cedar
Roof; breathe, inflate/deflate the lungs; hear a
Laconic violin couple with a harmonic viola
The duet nurturing.

Lapse in a hot shower--a cello scrapes chords,
Then smoothly crafts a melody
; the tones evoke
Mellowness as the water beads on the skin, the
Heated mist opens the pores, fills the bathing
Chamber along with the sonorous orchestration.

Lapse in the bed--pleasantly napping, sunk into
The mattress and pillow, in a sheet wrapping,
Blanketed beneath a duvet; a sympathetic piano
Accompanies a reticent saxophone, an upright
Bass keeps the mood beating
, the trio [sic] filling the
Space between the ears.

Lapse on the hotel lobby sofa some time later,
Totally checked out--mild-mannered pop rock, the
Music piped-in, making for a pleasant low-key
Atmosphere to digest these highlights and journalize
Them with pen to notepad, thumbs to digital keyboard.

Recalled were the blackened tilapia tacos on soft flour
Tortillas with shredded lettuce and diced tomato, served
With dipping bowls of sour cream and guacamole; steak
Fries were placed to the side.

Meanwhile, the son, he and his pals--each logged
Every move throughout their respective series of
Matches, for short-term analysis and further study.

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