ANECDOTE 042: October 18, 2015
Added to the Schedule [listen]

Wool hat--hands crammed in pants pockets,
Coat zipped, snapped up to the chin--early
Morning chillin'; careful not to stumble, not
Wearing slippers: lift lead feet instead of
Taught-leg shuffle.

The car is parked around the corner, road
Destruction out front of the house: all torn
Up in preparation for water and sewer main

On the body exterior (side panels, hatchback,
Hood and rooftop), dust adheres to the accu-
Mulated grime, once camouflaged: plaque
Gritted teeth.

Insufficient was the rinse to leave a glistening
Shine; the lack of polish, due to the exclusion
Of mechanical circular motions gently on the
Surface with a shammy or a soft brush.

A remote beep to unlock and retrieve from the
Car a forgotten travel mug left overnight in the
Holder between the driver and front passenger
Seats; cream curdled backwash spittle hidden
Beneath the anti-splash lid gurgles through the
Swig-hole when agitated or aggressively jostled:
The opening crusted with dried inner lip jam.

Startled by a walking (shawled in wool) neighbor,
Accompanied by her "yo-yo", raises her doggy-
Bagged hand, and waves with greetings.

A reciprocating snarl-nod is returned as the activation
Secure beeps of the car alarms the tiny jittering pup,
Who gasps for air, choked by a tug on the leash from
The shouting high(-minded) "HEEL".

Affected by the culmination of visceral manners,
Instinctively slurping from the mug, an unintended,
"BLUGH"; the unanticipated response from the neigh-
Bor, a clobbering in the face with the plastic sack:
Upon contact, exploding ooze.

Turned tail back around the corner, through the front
Door, [Paper towel! Paper towel!!], mug sludge wiped
From face into the refuse; mug lid removed, liquid splat-
Tered all over the food-jammed dishes in the sink, in
The blink of an eye, appalled shock: arms, legs, and
Blanket entangled; cotton-mouth, throat-clearing snort,
Big yawn.

Stand, pace, think for a moment: the decision to add to
The schedule, after washing and dressing suitably, the
Plan for a drive-thru breakfast before getting to the office
Ahead of time.

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