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Twenty-First Century 49: December 12, 2010 [listen]

TOPIC EPIC: Today or Tomorrow (My 21 Cents...And Then Some)

Lost in a maze XING, massaging messages,
Battling sermons, mental mishmash.
Don't know anything. Know of nothing--
Nobody nowhere, know how no how
--Ain't that something?

“No, no, no, ah-uh.
Hey I did not touch her,” says Johnny Seeds.
“Don't know what chew talking about.
Don't see no apples 'round here.”

Fructose cravings, sophisticated stash-hash.
Keeping up with the Joneses, got weak boneses.
Retirement aged, and not in my '80s.
Feeling so- so, oh no-no. This totally BLOWS!

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A bullied brat. A beastly animus--
Trying to stay clean; trying to stay pure.
Got the Muse. Got all mixed up.
Got sick, sicker and sicker--silly sick, sick-sick,
So sick, started to bicker.
Be forewarned. Don't mess wits me!

Sa-sa-sa Cs: confused-cubistic-channeling.
Is this the prismatic norm for[m:] imagination?
Stuck in the box, within a box, outside of the box.
Within a box, outside of the box, stuck in the box.
Outside of the box, stuck in the box, within a box.

Ho-hum conundrum (idle, insipid)
Penitentiary prattle, haughty ha-ha.

A wannabe authentic and not see a shrink,
Or learn a lesson or take my medicine,
Or have to be forgiven for doing nothing
About what(?)ever can think of.

Got the Poetry. Got the meter. Got the beat. Got the Rap.
Got savvy (vocabulary lingo).
Metaphor living. Living by sequel. Semi-separate, but equal.
Trying to find a parallel. Trying to find a BASE
By talking about RACE.
Get outta my face, outta my face.

Talk about gender--that's another bender: what roles to surrender.
Tra-tralla la trunk show in the boudoir, soiree in the parlor;
Clothes cabinet in the closet--scandalous posit.

Experience desire--know not the fire,
Know not the history: the tragedies of war.
Trial by gangsta, traumatized by terror.
Here and afar; both there and near.
After the math, the horror, the horror.

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Encouraged to stock on wood,
Eat organic food
As a way of
Doing good.

Ordered to build our own resolution,
Own our own community-nation,
Refrain our own glory, glory hallelujah.
Capitalize on our own ceremony:

Model parading, Ballroom dancing,
Tiptoe tapping, Pow-wow prancing,
Tango romancing, Hip-hop trancing,
Culminating into DC marching
Into destiny like Zombies--
Not like daddies, nor like mommies....

Huh??? Ahem, ahem. Dope, aww-yeah. Nynnt, nynnt, nyn-nnynt!

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The Poet is reclusive, while the MC comes out to play.
Seems a poet needs pen and paper.
Seems a MC needs a mic and a sheet.
There is life and then there's DEF.
Poems aren't worth paper,
While Rap can market that sheet.

Low-fi(ve) want to go Hi-fi(ve),
But that's another matter, a quizzical hatter!
Riddle ranting, chatter chumping, common creating,
Mammoth mammon, mammoth mammon, mammoth mammon.
Barrage mirage: scrobbling, deciphering, thumbing the rules: down/up.

Let's get real; let's make a deal.

Established Orgs. (private and public) are stasis-engaged.
Dark hints and light notes are kept in check, and stay on track--
And put into motion through a curator and/or DJ
Because they can do the schooling, schooling, schooling.

Today or tomorrow, reading at the alter,
Got my 21 Cents--just nickel-and-diming, diming, diming....


Tsst. A one hit wonder. Will there be another?

[CLOSING CREDITS: bye, bah-bah, bye...done, done-done, done.]

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