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On Being Patient
1. Introduction
2. Strike or Spike
3. Reversion Triggers
4. Recuperation
5. Operation Staycation
6. A Philosopher's Progress
7. I Love Medley (Scatterbrain Daddy)
8. Precise Obfuscation: A Cafeteria Commentary

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On Being Patient #6: A Philosopher's Progress: (dis)Organization
June 13, 2009

This is the first time I can recall my head crawling inside my psyche. In my opinion, I am slowly and surely progressing by accentuating the toll common experiences take on my intellect, motor skills, and cognitive/behavioral instincts.

Tracking these experiences, for me, have become an intellectual evaluation. To take pause is to contemplate--especially when the topic is blank: distracted by an abstraction in zooming detail; memory remade from a ready-made in reality, totally based on experiences, actual (and speculated).

When monitoring my motor skills, bodily ditzies ranging from external clumsiness to internal double-intakes, have become a feat on fatigue: involuntary pings and pangs, timing and placing the mechanics and mechanisms in a set psychology.

Getting a grip, bursting out--I reflect upon my psychology both cognitive and behavioral: a loggerhead's tolerance; the focus and comprehension of mythology, the demystification of fact and fiction, the saging of a saga as a means of coping.

I test my limits, noting reaction (time) and (method of) response. Are these limits my normalized domain? What has diminished; what has been enhanced?

I take pause detailing these abstract limitations, compose a theory, and apply the theory to my psyche.

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