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CULINARY MUSING 100: July 5, 2009
Sardonic Respites [listen]

The Dumplings and Broccoli at the Spa

Flour (in the bowl flopped).
Egg (whisked away).
Morel Mushroom (minced).
Shallot (slimly sliced).
Lychee (rind removed and pitted).

In unison,
They (the Dumplings) fell into the
Boiling Water
For a soak and a swim.

Afterwards, they were greeted
With a towel and an
Olive Oil (massage).

At mealtime,
The Dumpling Family
Were sautéed in some
Rice Wine Vinegar,
Joined by Almonds
(Coarsely ground).

Oh, was the Family
Broccoli (loftily angry)
Because there was no
Such preparation for them!

Parboiling was their solution.
However, they set aside
Their disappointment and
Neighbored their sentiments.

Both families, desiring to have
Something in common,
Decided to picnic and take a dip
Down at Soy Sauce (lake).

The (Dumplings and Broccoli) families
Snacked together deliciously...
Well, with a little slight.

Intensely Dense Flavorful Fixings Layered in a Loaf

Button Cap Mushrooms (sliced widely)
With (fresh) friends Rosemary and Thyme,
Who thought wisely to (mince) their words
When they sautéed together in olive oil.

Their flavorful friendship was
(Agitated) when Egg with
Pecorino Romano (grated) Buttons.

In a fix, a layer of Fillo (membrane)
And (sliced) Strawberries topped
Buttons, Rosemary and Thyme.

The Berries
Were also swamped
By the (whisked mix).

Not to be thwarted,
Buttons, Rosemary and Thyme
Placed a membrane atop the Berries
And spread out again.

They were happy loafing open-faced.
That is, until some Turkey Bacon lay down
Some infusing flavor, intensely making
Buttons, Rosemany and Thyme's
Relationship even more dense.

A Red Rome Beauty

An apple named
Red Rome
Was considered
A beauty.

But with too much summer sun
And not enough slimey screen,
She later (peeled), exposing her
(Softened mash) yet to be (baked):

Flour, milk, butter (melted),
Shrimp (precooked, diced),
Wasabe, Flesh (cored).

Once Red Rome discovered that
She was overexposed,
The next time she sunned,
She (blanketed) herself with
An ultraviolet Fontina (slather).

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