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ANECDOTE 021: January 11, 2010 [listen]
Twin Pinings
Twenty years ago, early one morning, I was paging through an art glossy, perusing the plush announcements of painterly showings at galleries whose product (per item) was initially priced more highly than my annual room rental rate tenfold. What business did I have lurking in this magazine?

I was at work at an architectural bookstore. My task concerned procuring postcards to mat, frame and hang on the wall as decoration--tenable aesthetics for the cost-conscious. I was adept enough to turn a profit on the cheap: spending pennies, making an effort, earning dollars.

If a customer did not want a preframed, s/he could buy the card and (once home) wedge the image between the frame and mirror located in the bathroom. More simply, adhere the postcard to the refrigerator with a magnet. For other surfaces tack, pin, tape, clip, putty...

Here's our selection. What's your preference? Here are some options. Be creative--accessorize.

The hope was to merchandize the method of chic-collaging. The postcards I had previously obtained were from stationary vendors' archive catalogs. My goal was to raise the level chicness with a more present-day presence.

My face went flush when I saw a splendid picture of two sistahs captured in perpetuity, toddler twins sitting stoically in portraiture, illustrating Afro-Euro Americana--a vision and tale of generational affinity, for me, a must have affirmation.

The twins, Utopia and Dystopia, are dressed in lace and frill, propped up like dolls sitting in Shaker-esque chairs (one slightly taller than the other, perhaps an indication of birthright). Which, Utopia or Dystopia, is the evil--which angelic? There is sibling rivalry as envinced by hairdo: frizzies with a sophisticatedly placed barrette or weedy braids intricately twisted; style bohemian or dreadlocked.

I phoned the gallery owner and requested some postcards.

“They're invitations,” he spittered.

“All the better. May I have ten?” I explained my intentions.

“You can have one,” he spattered. “And let me know how you do!”

Deal done, but I never sold. Instead I vaulted the twins (with mat and frame). Legacy locked away--all mine. However, now I am bereft, saddened by the fact that I cannot look at them. Besides, by now the twins have grown--and perhaps, made a switch. Dystopia? Utopia? Could I tell them apart? I just have this chronicle in tableau, in my mind's eye, and now digitally in babble.

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