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CULINARY MUSING 008: February 17, 2006 [listen]

Home Economics (Domicile Management 101)

My preference is to keep the public public and the private private, keep the profesional professional and the personal personal--never should these domains intercede.

But as we all know, we need metaphors to make, for better or for worse, the understanding of life more substantive, in a palpable kind of way. (How did marriage vows get involved??? Did someone say dowry??? Family values???) Hence, the domains intercede, interfere--interact involvingly.

Either making a living to have a life or having a life to earn a living--that's home economics: public/private, personal/professional. Let's not spin in politics; just don't take rivalry for granted.

The three foodstuff listings are meals that produce swell left-overs: substantive palpability.

Cassoulet. I first learned about the history of cassoulet from a first-person story I found in a magazine. I've eaten this exquisite slop at an upscale Café prior to this knowledge. This is my version.

Gumbo! Gumbo!! Gumbo!!! I don't know if the ingredients itemized qualify as a proper "gumbo," but why the heck not?

The Chum--this is an original. Inspiration came from the several shark documentaries I've seen when growing up; then there is that scene in that cartoon story about a little clown fish with a gimpy fin--the tipping point.

I've served this chum to people. I've seen what happened. Be forewarned. Don't eat chum in public. And watch your fingers!!!

Tell you what, nothing more satisfying than a frenzied feed--that tastes good and that's healthy for you; that lets you feel a little roly-poly, too!!!

Poem [listen] Foodstuff

Home Economics

Lifestyle interests
Sustenant decisions

Conspicuous appliances
Generic cost

Ergonomic ecology
Family foremost


Cassoulet Ed

Whole chicken (fryer pack)
Sweet Sausage
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Rock Salt
White Onion
Fresh Dried Oregano
Mushrooms: Button
Red Pepper
Canellini Beans
Chicken Stock

Ed's Gumbo

Olive oil
Okra (circles)
Garlic (crushed)
Tomato (chunks)
Onion (fat jullienne)
Mushroom (wide slivers)
Sea Salt
Chilli Powder
Lemon Juice

Cous Cous

Black Pepper
Cayenne (hot) Sauce

Ed's Chum

Tomato Puree
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Sea salt
Red Hot pepper (chopped)
Sage leaf

Oyster mushroom
Garlic (chopped)
(Tomato chunks)

Bay scallops
Salmon pieces

Jasmine Rice

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