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CULINARY MUSING 004: January 18, 2006 [listen]

Prep Appraisal Hands-On

Yes, in the kitchen, there is business process management (BPM), a process that takes into consideration steps, technique and timing.

Someone may say, "Why turn meal preparation (MP) into a business process?"

I say, why consider MP "work?"

Some might contend that MP should not have to be so complicated, while others shun the whole concept of jargon-speak and consider obtuse acronyms a felony!!!

The process for meal preparation varies in relation to why the food is being eaten in conjunction with by whom and for whom the meal is being prepared--the purposes ranging from sustenance to vanity.

Whenever preparing a meal from a recipe or from scratch, success or failure begins and ends with the process involved. When substituting ingredients, an awareness of process in comparison to the improvisation is required.

This leads to anecdotal cooking. There is a story behind every meal that sets the tone when sitting down to eat with family and friends, or by yourself.

Chimmi Changa

I believe that a descent Chimmi Changa is prepared in parts, then assembled into a whole meal for consumption. An excellent BPM example!!!

Poem [listen] Foodstuff

Prep Appraisal Hands-On

Preparing a meal is to matter the platter.
   To begin, tap the faucet:
        - Rinse fish, foul, or any meat;
        - Wash fruit/vegetable skin/rind;
        - Douse herb leaves and sprigs.
   Next, cut on the board using a keen edge:
        - Butcher-quarter, slice, dice or mince;
        - Pare-peel, chop, julienne or juice;
        - Mill-pestle, shred, grate or crush.
   Bowl all matter for fusion mixing and flavor matching.

Preparing a meal is to platter the matter.
   In the following, divine a technique:
        - In the heat, convection: roast or lightly toast;
        - In the wave, ray: casserole or loaf;
        - In the skillet, sashay: sauté or caramelize;
        - In the pan, flash: braise or deep fry;
        - In the beaker, Bunsen: blanch or parboil;
        - In the steam, soak: poach or steep.
   Plate the platter for epicurean treating or generic eating.

Once the platter is of matter,
   Use a fork and knife, or spoon for bite-size appraisal,
   But for casual sampling, be hands-on by gripping
        or dipping, then finger-licking.

Chimmi Changa

Chicken breast chunks
Dried Hot Pepper mortarted
Filtered water
Cilantro lightly minced
Sea salt mortarted

Rehydrated black beans
Jalepeno oil

Flour tortilla
Grated Cheddar cheese
Sliced Cheddar cheese

Avacado (chunky)
Green Pepper
Light onion

Corn totilla chips

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