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CULINARY MUSING 003: January 5, 2006 [listen]

Flipping Burger Innovation!!!

I learned a lot from my fast-food job.

The business skills learned while working in a fast-food environment ("super-size" in the later part of the 20th Century) is like the entrepreneurial skills learned while working as a paperboy ("get your paper here" in the early part of the 20th Century).

Some people view working in fast-food as an embarrassment, but what's wrong with learning how to be efficient and how to up-sell?


I've made several different versions of meatballs. This is definitely a mood-thing as well as a survey of what's in the cupboard.

The fun is in actually making the meatballs; this is clay you are allowed to eat (once cooked). You could even turn the making of meatballs into a competition of efficiency and quality.

But in terms of relationship-building, my son (aged 2) and I have spent a couple of wee-hour morning meetings making and taste-testing meatballs while watching his favorite video.

While the video may not have been, the experience was very artsy-fartsy.

He's placed another meeting on my schedule.

Poem [listen] Foodstuff

Flipping Burger Innovation!!!

My first source of taxable income came from the Golden Arches.
My foray into postindustrial, mass-market employment--
What wisdom did I garner from this Americana mainstay,
But the paradigm that has digitalized the economy:

  • People: globalized humility as peaceful community
  • Process: business convenience as manufactured simplicity
  • Product: proprietor goodness as satisfaction elasticity
  • Profit: localized value as chained equity.

Normalized into a blue-poly uniform and paper glengarry,
I was reified into modularized human capital--
An asset branded to incorporate flipping burger innovation:
Quality and portion control in the supply and demand assembly--
All a matter of taste-to-taste.

An adaptor early on, this wisdom has remained consistent
With me, whether at the office, working in business attire,
Or at home, cooking in chef's clothing.


Ground Turkey
Grated Pecorino
Bread Crumbs
Crushed Garlic

Olive Oil
Filtered Water

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